Tips for Planting Woolies Discovery Garden Seedlings

Our family has enjoyed every step of the Woolies Discovery Garden process. We decorated some pots for fun and planted the seedlings (you can watch the process in the Facebook video here).

Our plants are now safely transferred into the garden and we are almost ready to harvest. I have been producing social media content for Woolies, however I thought worth putting the information here too for anyone interested in tips for setting up a backyard garden, or planting seedlings into a pot. There is also heaps of helpful information on the Woolies website.

Planting Seedlings in an Exiting Garden

First, I’ll explain tips for planting seedlings into an existing garden.

how to plant seedlings into an existing garden

We have an above ground garden bed that is made with corrugated iron. You can get these sorts of sets from hardware stores. It already had soil it in, but it is important to get the soil ready for planing.

What you need:

  • Garden Gloves
  • Shovel/Hoe
  • Small garden spade
  • Seedlings
  • Potting Mix
Tools you need for planting a back yard garden

One: Prepare the Soil

The first step is the loosen up the soil well with a hoe or shovel. Turn the soil over. Next, you want to add a few bags of fresh potting mix. We also added compost from our compost bin (this is optional). Using the shovel, mix the soil together well.

Two: Plant

Once you have the soil ready, it’s a simple matter of planing the seedling. The Woolies Discovery Garden comes in pots that will break down in the soil so the process is super simple. Just take a small garden spade and make a hole in the dirt. Then place the seedling in and lightly pack soil around.

Check out how big our plants are now!!

It’s worth checking the guides to see how big the plants. If the plant grows large, you will need to make sure you space the seedlings far enough apart.

Three: Water Well

Once the seedlings are in, water well.

Tips for Caring for Your Garden

Once you have planted all the seedlings into the garden, what I find the most important is to make sure you water them regularly. In hot weather, like we are having in Brisbane, I water the garden pretty much every day, unless we get rain.

The other thing is protecting your garden from birds and insects. I found this handy cover which works well for protecting plants from birds. The brand/product is Whites Outdoor — Crop Cage and you can find it in hardware stores. It’s wasn’t expensive. The useful thing about this crop net, if some plants need a little more shade, you can drape a section of shade cloth over a section. We find that our garen gets full sun most of the day and in Brisbane’s hot weather, our plants were struggling so we ended up putting a shade cloth piece over the crop cage, and use a soaker. The plants are really happy now!

We want to keep things as organic as possible, so if you do find you need to use some bug spray, look for products with Australian Natural Pyrethrins. It is derived from a particular species of daisies (grown here in Australia). This insecticide breaks down in sunlight leaving no lasting chemical residues on your plants or veggies.

Planting Seedlings into a Pot

I’ve also included tips below for planting seedlings into pots. I’ve done this before with success. Just be mindful that larger plants will need big pots. Becuase I already have a home garden, I’m just putting some of the herbs into the pot.

planting Woolworths discover garden in a pot

What you need:

  • Pot
  • Potting Mix
  • Garden spade
  • Seedlings

One: Preparing the Pot

It’s a simple matter of putting the potting mix in the pot. Just make sure you get enough potting mix. Pots should have an idea of how many ml they hold which should give you a guide.

Two: Plant

Same as with a garden, simply make a small hole in the soil and place the seedling in (inside the pot), and compact the soil around.

Three: Water Well

Give the plants a good water. The handy thing about pots is you can shift them into places to suit how much sun plants might need. Look at those luscious Basil Leaves.

Below is a little video with the instructions too.

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    November 30, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks for these tips – I have just planted my seedlings and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to plant them as is or remove them from the little pots. Luckily I planted them in the pots – I am glad I found your post to reinforce this for me! I might have planted too many to close together, so I may have to replant as they grow – do you think this will work?

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