Make a Pom Pom Bauble Decoration

A handmade Christmas decoration can bring many happy memories to your mind. It’s a simple gift to make and can be much appreciated by the recipient.

These Pom Pom Baubles are a colourful delight, and they are easy for little hands to make.

pom pom baubles for Christmas

There is no wrong way to make this decoration and you can adapt the colours to your preferred palette.

I intend to give these decorations to Kindy teachers as an appreciation gift. They are a gorgeous way to say thank you and hopefully a decoration which will prompt a happy memory of teaching my child.


To make a pom pom bauble, you will need to get an empty bauble. These can be purchased from your local hobby and craft shop. I got mine from Riot Craft Stores.

materials for pom pom baubles
  • Pom Poms
  • Ribbon
  • Paint and Paint Brush and Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Empty Clear Bauble
  • Sequins (optional)


Unscrew the lid of the bauble and start placing pom poms into the bauble opening.

place pom poms into baubles

Also add the sequins for some glittery fun. Screw back the lid onto the bauble. You can add as little or as many pom poms as you wish.

pom poms in bauble

Cut ribbon to length and tie this through the loop hole on the bauble. Tie a bow with the remaining strands.

ribbon tie on pom pom bauble
bow on pom pom bauble

Paint a word or name on the bauble. We chose ‘JOY’ as this required little effort and could be done easily free hand. You could use a stencil for a neater look. The best paints for this are the spare pots used to paint plastic ornaments in the plastic window picture craft packs.

paint joy on pom pom bauble

Once the first coat of paint is dry, reapply the paint to ensure the word can be read easily.

joy pom pom bauble

Once completely dry, your bauble can be given as a gift or placed on the Christmas Tree.

Joy Baubles

There is no doubt the bauble will give joy to anyone who receives it.

Pom Pom Bauble

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