Using the Backyard Garden

When I lived in New Zealand for a year (in 2015), the house we stayed in had a HUGE backyard garden for us to enjoy. We loved it. You can read more about it here. I was re-reading the post this morning because I remember making the most of the garden was a process. I loved the IDEA of a backyard garden, but actually utilising the garden fully didn’t come as easily as I expected. I think it’s because I was not used to incorporating certain elements from the backyard and so I created a bit of a system for myself. I pulled this quote from the post:

I’m learning to plan out my meals based on what I can find in the garden, and it’s a satisfying way to feed my family.  

We have a backyard garden, but I let it lapse earlier this year. When Woolworths did the Discovery Garden initiative (which I was lucky to be part of), it reinvigorated my green-ish thumb. I remembered how much I do enjoy incorporating homegrown food into our meals.

Our garden is going well! I have more details tips here if anyone is interested.

backyard garden

Below are some of the ways I’ve used the produce so far. I’ll update this post as I have more.

Herbs on pizza

I have recipes for a Margherita-style and Prosciutto & Rocket.

Margherita-Style Pizza

Herbs on Bread

Herbs are delicious with bread and toast. For example Bruschetta or Focaccia.

Easy Bruschetta recipea
using the Woolworths discover garden herbs


I pulled our raddish out the other day! I think I left them just a little too long (they grew quicker than I thought). Still, they worked well in a salad and they look pretty too. Can’t wait until we have some tomatoes.

Radish Salad

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