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I enjoy decorating the Christmas table. It’s where family and friends gather over good food and there’s something special about that. Over the years, I’ve done many different table decorations styles, for example, child-friendly table decorations, a rustic table centrepiece, baubles in vases and more.


This year, I was inspired by the 2019 Woolworths Christmas logo, you can find on their Christmas range. When I had a meeting with Woolworths a few months ago about the new range (which I’ll share further below), I was so excited about the logo and pitched this post idea.

While at my local store this week, I spotted the logo in the bakery. Look how gorgeous it is! I adore Australian native plants and this is the inspiration for this Christmas table setting decoration.

Table Decoration

I like to keep table decorations fairly simple because you need room for food, and for me, the food is a big part of the decoration. For the table, this is what I used:

Aussie Christmas Table Decorations
Aussie Christmas Table Decorations

Name Place Cards

Name place cards add a nice touch to this setup.

What you need:

  • Brown craft paper
  • Gum leaves
  • Twine
  • Name place cards (printable here)

My daughter went for a walk in our local park and picked up some gum leaves. We used the PictureThis app to see what type of gum it was.

To put it together, simply cut a section of craft paper and wrap around the cutlery bundle. Then use twine to tie it together. Slip in a gum leaf and slide in the name place card. Lay a napkin triangle down onto the plate and place cutlery package on the top.

Food Ideas

Food is as much a part of the festive decorations as the non-edible items. From the wide range of Christmas items at Woolies, I wanted to feature the stand out products that add a wow factor. The first is the Gold Range puddings. Woolworths brought out a new flavour this year, Mocha Espresso Martini Flavoured Pudding. Not only does it look GORGEOUS, but it also tastes delicious.

The pudding became the centerpiece for the table. Add a Merry Christmas Cake Topper (only $2) and surround with berries and it looks spectacular. If pudding isn’t your thing but you still want a stunning centrepiece, watch out for the Gold Christmas Tree Gateau (shaped in a Christmas tree) that will be released in stores soon.

Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding

Not everyone likes pudding, so another good idea is to do a platter with a variety of different bits and pieces. Woolies have a mini dessert range which caters for many different tastes. I went a caramel, cheese & berries theme with the following items:

Festive Platter

I love the gold sprinkles on the mini tarts, it adds something special to the platter.

Christmas Platter
christmas platter

Below is a snapshot of some other goodies in the Christmas range you could make into platter.

  1. Mini dessert platter
  2. Cheese, crackers, carrot sticks and hummus
  3. Strawberry & marshmallow kebabs (you can find instructions here)

Dinner Idea

When it comes to dinner food, I like to keep it really simple. This way, if we are having a big family gathering, we can all bring one element and throw it together. Below is a simple Christmas meal idea which takes very little preparation.

  • Ham (this is the Double Smoked Quarter Ham, however, last year, we made ham the feature food item and baked it – read how in the post here)
  • Potato
  • Salad (I added a radish from my backyard Woolworths Discovery Garden in the salad which was very exciting)
  • Corn (charred on the BBQ)
  • I made a focaccia loaf (again using herbs from my garden – recipe here)
Christmas Entertaining Ideas
Aussie Christmas Table Decorations

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