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Book Launch

Last month, Wendy Francis launched her 3rd children’s book at an event in Brisbane, Turn, Think, Tell. BAFM writer and journalist, Cath Johnsen, did the introduction during the evening.

L to R: Joy Weatherall (Illustrator), Julie Capello (Publisher), Wendy Francis (Author), Kendall Gilding (Channel 7 Television Presenter), Cath Johnsen (Freelance Journalist)
L to R: Sharron, Wendy, Bonnie

About Turn, Think, Tell

Turn, Think, Tell is Wendy Francis’ third children’s book. The question-answer writing style and accompanied whimsical illustrations will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

The picture book is about two main things. Firstly, it is about the beauty of the world and how wonderful it is to learn and make discoveries. I like how the narrative begins with the assumption about the world being amazing (not scary and full of dangers).

However, in the digital age, there are enormous amounts of content to consume in our daily lives and learning to be critical and intentional about what we take in is increasingly important. This leads me to the second element of this book: it is about providing children with important mind tools for them to be able to navigate various environments as they grow into confident adults.

illustration wendy francis book
Whimsical illustrations, based on Australian life.
Whimsical illustrations, based on Australian life.
Book excerpt

What stuck out to me, the book strikes the balance between facilitating children’s autonomy by providing them with the tools they need to navigate through the world, while still acknowledging the significant role of parents.

The Turn, Think, Turn mind tool is so simple yet extremely effective for young children. It is something I have used for my own children. The idea is that if something makes a child uncomfortable or unsure, they have a strategy in place: Turn away, think of something good and tell someone you trust.

What I have found in my experience, this facilitates open communication rather than tabooing certain topics. It’s good to talk about things that make you feel uncomfortable with someone you trust. It’s good to talk about things that are wonderful. It’s important to recognise that some things can erode you down, and other things build you up.

The Illustrations

The joyous illustrations by Joy Weatherall capture many elements of the joys of growing up in Australia, and children will be able to spot different items that resonate each time they read the book.

The world is full of many adventures and discoveries
Individuals can choose what we consume

About the Author

Think, Turn, Tell Author, Wendy Francis

Wendy Francis has worked in various management positions in education and not for profit organisations. A mother of three, her family has grown to include 10 grandchildren and dozens of nieces and nephews — each of them are precious to her. With this book, Wendy shares the strategy she used with her own children. She aims to assist children and parents to be intentional and confident about navigating the content they consume.

Find out more here: Turn, Think, Tell.

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