Tyre Christmas Tree

Jo and her family are farmers in rural Victoria. A few years ago, they put up a tyre tree on the roadside. The reason why? The harvest that year was particularly hard, and they wanted to bring a bit of joy to people in the area.

Tyre Christmas Tree
Tyre Christmas Tree

They didn’t realise just how many people would appreciate it! They had an amazing amount of people stop to take pictures and also chat. Jo said to me:

The tree certainly did what it was intended for.

What a wonderful way to give back in such a festive and fun way!

The tyre tree has become a tradition now, and the family add little bits and pieces to it each year. For example, they painted a field bin and put it with the tyre tree. Jo’s three kids (aged 15, 13 & 11) enjoy helping set it up and decorating too.

Such a wonderful idea, and I appreciate Jo for sharing this part of her family Christmas tradition with me.

Tyre Christmas Tree
Night view
Tyre Christmas Tree
Tyre Tree being transported to the spot via a tractor

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