Unicorn Glow Stick Craft

We love unicorns in our household.

I’m not sure if any household with children doesn’t like unicorns. Although I’m sure there are some.

The colourful, mystical creatures capture our imaginations and offer us a sense of wonder and hope.

I came up with this Unicorn Glow Stick Craft as a way to entertain my girls on New Years Eve.

Glow Stick Unicorn Craft

Glow Sticks always make an appearance on New Year’s Eve and we are intending to have a quiet night with friends. To keep the kids busy while having an adult beverage… or two, this craft is sure to keep the kids focused.


I set the materials up in a Tupperware Platter, using the sections for the necessary parts of the unicorn face. Make one unicorn as a guide and let your kids have free reign over how they want their unicorn to look. It’s essentially a stick down type of activity, which even little kids with the help of an older sibling, will be able to do together.

You will need

  • Paper Plates
  • Scissors
  • Glue and Tape
  • Streamers
  • Stickers
  • Googley Eyes
  • Cut out felt for ears and cheeks
  • Sharpie pen for facial details
  • Glow Sticks
  • Embellishments
Glow stick unicorn Craft materials


Grab a Glow Stick and break it so it glows. Use tape to secure this to the top of the paper plate.

Glow Stick Unicorn craft

Add ears. You can pre-cut ears from a paper plate and cut the inner ear from pink felt. Or you could get the kids to use a pink felt pen.

Add ears for the Unicorn

Glue eyes and pink felt cheeks to make the face of your Unicorn.

Add eyes and cheeks to your unicorn

Cut streamers approximately 10-20cm in length and fasten these to the side head of the paper plate for the mane. You can also add stickers or embellishments to the top of the Unicorn head.

Use a sharpie to add a mouth and nostrils.

Unicorn finishes

My girls got creative by putting a mane of streamers behind the glow stick horn. Again, let kids get creative with this craft.

kids making unicorns
Unicorn craft for kids with glow sticks

Here are the Glow Stick Unicorns we made.

Glow Stick Unicorn Craft

The girls were stoked with their efforts. It makes for a fun craft all year round, but especially for New Years.

Unicorn Glow Stick Craft

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