Koala Biscuits

Have you ever seen a koala in the wild? I haven’t.

I’ve seen wallabies and kangaroos in the wild, but never a koala.

I’ve seen koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and various other animal parks, but in the Aussie bush, never.

Whenever I’d see a road sign warning about koalas in the area, I would grow hopeful I would see one in their natural habitat.

But to this day, I’ve yet to see one.

It’s probably going to be even harder to see one now due to the bushfires. Yet despite what these animals have gone through, the attempts to save them have been epic. The donations have poured out for these animals too, to rehabilitate them.

When I shared about the how echidnas survive bushfires, one of our readers, Amanda, shared how her kids made koala biscuits.

I wanted to make some with my kids too and maybe it’s an activity which can be a Segway to talk about what we can do to help our native animals affected by the bushfires. If you want some ideas, I share some cool initiatives at the end of this post.

koala biscuits


ingredients for koala biscuits


Start by colouring the icing grey using Black Food Colour Gel found in the Woolworths baking aisle (this is the Queen Food Colour Gel brand). Only add a drop or two to make grey icing.

grey icing

Cut your white marshmallows in half for the ears.

cut marshmallows for ears

Assemble your koala biscuit by spreading the grey icing on the biscuit.

Sprinkle coconut.

Add a chocolate sultana for the nose.

Add edible eyes and marshmallows for ears.

how to make koala biscuits

If you don’t have edible eyes… or you run out like I did, use dark chocolate chips for the eyes.

koala biscuits

These biscuits also make a great food craft with the kids, or can be brought as a plate to share on Australia Day.

koala biscuits
koala biscuits

Ways to help koalas, or koala themed purchases to help those affected by bushfires.

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