Rice Paper Rolls

It’s nice to have those dinners where everyone can make it themselves. I used to think rice paper rolls would be too fiddly, but they really easy, as long as it is set up properly.


Essentially, add whatever filling ingredients you like! This is what I used:

  • Rice paper
  • Wombok cabbage (sliced finely)
  • Capsicum (sliced finely)
  • BBQ chicken (shredded)
  • Bean sprouts
  • Coriander and mint (leaves pulled)
  • Fried noodles (for a bit of crunch)
  • Dipping Sauce (Our favs are soy, sweet chilli or satay sauce)
Rice paper Rolls -- How to Make

This is a simple, easy meal; however it does pay to do a few steps in the setting up to ensure the paper works well for everyone.

What you need

  • Clean damp tea towel for each person
  • A container filled with warm water (large enough to fit the rice paper round)

How to set up

  • I set up all the ingredients on a board, including the dipping sauces.
  • The ideal way to handle rice paper is to place it on a clean, damp tea towel. So this becomes each person’s working area (instead of a plate really). Then, as you want to wrap, simply run the rice paper quickly under warm water, both sides (I did this step for the kids) before placing it on the tea towel. Alternatively, dip the rice paper very quickly in the container of warm water. Don’t worry if the rice paper is not completely soft.
  • It will continue to soften quickly. Lay the rice paper down on the damp tea towel. Then fill, roll and dip!


My daughter demonstrates in the images below how we wrap a rice paper roll.

  • Add desired ingredients in the centre of the circle
  • Then fold each side in
  • Starting from the end closest to you body, fold the end up
  • Use a rolling action to tightly roll the remainder of the roll. Be firm as you roll; the rice paper is really sturdy even though it looks fragile
how to make rice paper rolls

Once it is wrapped, dip in the sauce and enjoy! Our family really enjoyed this meal.

How to make rice paper rolls

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