70 Kids Activities When Self Isolating at Home

If there is one thing that can put parents in a spin, it’s the unexpected closure of a school or the need to self-isolate at home due to a pandemic. School holidays are often already a challenge for parents.

Unfortunately many of the usual outings like going to the movies or heading out to the museum, won’t be on the cards due to Coronavirus.

 If you’re a parent who has had to start working from home, it’s even more problematic to keep kids entertained while work gets done.

Despite having the internet and digital devices at our fingertips, having a mix of sensory, interesting and creative activities can help with learning development.

These 70 kids activities when self-isolating at home are bound to come in handy on the days you need inspiration to keep the kids busy and entertained.

There will be craft supplies needed for some of the activities. Hopefully you may have them in your craft box. Alternatively, if you are able to grocery shop or get a home delivery, order the particular item in your online shop.

For all the art and craft projects, you could get a scrapbook to paste each finished project it. This can become a memento of the items made during self-isolation.

Kids Activities When Self-Isolating at Home

1. Cracking Ice Experiment

2. Turn flowers or celery different colours

Rainbow Flowers

3. Magic milk marbling (do this with expired milk)

Magic milk experiment for kids

4. Paddle pop stick catapult        

Paddle Pop Stick Catapult

5. Book press flowers

How to press flowers - Book pressed dried flowers free craft from the garden be a fun mum

6. Nature Craft Foliage Faces

foliage faces

7. Make a nature boat

bark boats

8. Deconstruct flowers

nature crafts -- Decontrusting flowers

9. Make a nature discovery box

nature activities for kids -- discovery box for kids

10. Use an egg carton for a nature treasure hunt in the backyard

Egg Carton Nature Hunt

11. Paint sticks

painted sticks -- in juice buttles

12. Water Painting

Watercolour wet vs dry watercolour painting

13. Shaving cream marble painting

Shaving cream marble painting

14. Turn a shoe box into a dolls house

How to turn a box into a doll house

15. Turn a cereal box into a car ramp

Cereal box craft - make a race ramp

16. Turn a box into a road for toys

Turn a box into roads for toy cars

17. Gather recycling and make a castle

Paint a box castle

18. Use tape to make roads

fun for kids -- masking tape roads

19. Autumn leaf rainbow garland

Hang Rainbow Leaves in Autumn

20. Make a fairy house out of natural materials

simple fairy house out of natural materials

21. Leafy Owl

leafy owls

22. Leafy Lion

leafy lion paper plate craft

23. Animal Crown

brown paper bag animal crowns

24. Make a caterpillar on a leaf

25. Make a rainbow paddle pop stick craft

Rainbow Paddle Pop Stick Craft

26. Turn a paper plate into a butterfly

paper plate butterfly

27. Turn cupcake cases into flowers

Easy Cupcake Case Flowers Craft

28. Punch holes in leaves

Punch shapes in leaves - fun in the park

29. Make paper popsicles

Paper Popsicles ice cream- printable

30. Use leaf stencils

Leaf Art Ideas - use leaves to print paper. This is a good way to decorate bags and wrapping paper too

31. Design your own pillow case

32. Make play dough

Scented Play Dough - smells delicious!

33. Make Playdough Nature Scapes

nature craft - playdough nature landscapes

34. Squishy balloon faces

Simple fun for kids - Squishy Balloon Faces

35. Rainbow paper plate

paper plate rainbows

36. Butterflies on a stick

butterflies on a stick craft

37. Snake on a stick craft

snake on a stick

38. Peg doll craft – mermaids and pirates

Mermaid peg doll

39. Cardboard roll shuttle

How to make a shuttle out of a cardboard roll

40. Paddle pop stick ballerinas

Paddle pop stick ballerina craft

41. Make a pet rock

pet rock make activities kids

42. Make a knifey

knifey inspired character

43. Make a forkey

Forky Toy Story 4

44. Make spoon people

plastic spoon people

45. Make a mini you out of paddle pop stick

Paddle Pop Stick Person Craft

46. Make a pom pom bookmark

animal bookmarks

47. Make felt sushi

Make Your Own Sponge and Felt Sushi For Tea Party Play

48. Make sponge cakes

sponge cake craft

49. Paint wooden spoons

DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

50. Make a foldable paddle pop stick map or card

Cool paddle pop stick treasure map - foldable!

51. Paddle pop stick puzzle

paddle pop stick game

52. Make pom poms

53. Design your own marshmallows

Marshmallow Art

54. Paint leaves

autumn activity kids -- paint leaves

55. Tennis ball puppet heads (Use Brown Paper Bags if you can’t get tennis balls)

tennis ball head puppet

56. Make a Lego marble maze

DIY Lego Marble Maze

57. Create a Lego travel pack and imaginative scene

lego travel kit

58. Make a Lego bed

Matchbox LEGO Beds

59. Make a Lego Tee Pee

how to make a quick tee pee for toy play

60. Colour Barbie’s hair

How to dye Barbie Hair

61. Make a Barbie skirt

DIY Barbie Skirt - no sew

62. Wool crafts

wrapping wool around stick

63. Cardboard roller coaster

Cardboard Roller Coaster

64. Bubble fun

DIY Bubble Mixture - so easy!

65. Backyard hurdles

How to Make Backyard Hurdles

66. Backyard obstacle course

backyard obstacle course map

67. Chalk hopscotch

Hopscotch Court

68. Water painting on fence/concrete

Water painting on concrete - a great way to do sight words too.

69. Jenga get to know you game

Jenga Get to Know you Game

70. Make a craft circuit

craft circuit at home

List of Materials and Ingredients

To keep the kids entertained, make a craft and activity circuit. Set up activities around the house. Choose a few crafts and activities from the list above and create a circuit. You can also make a checklist where each activity gets stamped once completed.

Craft Supplies

Paper plates

Plastic forks and knives and spoons

Cupcake cases

Brown paper bags

Pom Poms

Pipe Cleaners

Googley Eyes



Washing Sponges

Craft Glue


Paint and paintbrush

Food dye


Celery/white flowers

Masking Tape or Duct Tape

Cream of tartar

Table salt

All purpose flour

Food colourings

Vegetable oil




Kebab Sticks

Paddle Pop Sticks

Tennis Balls

Wooden pegs

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