Easter Entertaining Tips

I love Easter. It is disappointing that our camping plans are not going ahead, but you have to adapt in times like these. It’s a great opportunity to create new Easter traditions. For example, camp in the backyard and do a glow in the dark Easter hunt, plan a backyard Easter egg hunt, or celebrate a Passover meal.

When it comes to entertaining at Easter-time, I have a certain system for creating meals. Regardless if I’m doing a special dinner for my own family of six at home or organising family gatherings, I like to keep it simple, yet with one element that has that wow factor.  

I tend to find if I keep it really simple, it’s achievable and delicious. This is what I use as a guide: 

  • A protein: We picked lamb
  • A main salad or vegetable dish: We went with a big green salad
  • Carb option: could be potato, bread, pasta, chips or there are so many other options. We made Flat Bread (cooked on the BBQ, recipe here)
  • Wow factor: I made a pink-themed platter (with a mini red velvet cake at the centre) and did an Easter-themed dessert. But it could be a cake, a bowl of Easter eggs or something else that has that wow-factor.

A simple but delicious meal

Our Main Menu

Sometimes I like to do everything from scratch and sometimes I take short cuts. There are many protein options that are ready to just pop in the oven. Another hack I use for if I have to whip together a pretty-looking but affordable salad quickly is to get a small fancy salad with all the bits and bobs included and then add a leafy mix and feta. When I put it all together, it makes it easy and affordable, but pretty too.

Oh, and see the blue dot tray below? I noticed that in the Easter section in my local Woolies. It’s an alfoil tray and it’s Easter-themed! Love it! I used it to cook the lamb. 

This flat bread is one of the family traditional favourites. We cook it on the BBQ and it is DELICIOUS!!! (Recipe here)

The WOW Factor

I have two ideas here. The first is a super simple Easter-themed dessert that costs around $10 to make and can feed about 12. 

Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

You can find the full recipe here.

Hot Cross Bun Pudding

Pink Platter

Another fun WOW-factor idea is a themed platter. This is a fun addition to the table, especially when you have such a simple meal, because it gives that element of choice. I decided on a pink-themed platter this Easter. This would work with other colours too, think orange/yellow or blue/green. You can find more details about how to put this platter together here.

Easter Entertaining


Easter Ideas

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