5 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday in Isolation

A child’s birthday is always a wonderful celebration shared by many. But coronavirus has put a temporary end to gatherings and special get-togethers which has resulted in some unique and creative ideas to celebrate a Birthday in isolation.

5 ways to celebrate your child's birthday in isolation

While it’s disappointing to cancel a party or not be able to celebrate with extended family, there are some unique and creative ways to celebrate a Birthday.

I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in helping my friends children have a special Birthday to remember. It’s also given me ideas on how I can make my kids’ birthdays special when they do come around.

1. Organise a Birthday Drive-By

celebrate a birthday in isolation

Always check with the current laws on what can and can’t be done. They are changing quite quickly, but this idea will lift everyone’s spirits.

Create an event on Facebook with a day or hour time slot where family and friends can drive by your child’s house and wave a Happy Birthday through the window.

Decorate the car with streamers and balloons – even a sign wishing the child a Happy Birthday. I can’t tell you the joy it brought to both the Birthday child and mother’s face to see cars decorated to celebrate.

Decorate the front of the house with streamers and balloons so drivers know which house to slowly drive by.

2. Organise a mass delivery card and present drop

If you were invited to a party, which had to be cancelled, why not post your card and gift instead? Alternatively, if all guests live in the same area, organise a drop off point with a box for parents to deliver a card and gift for the Birthday child.

The organiser can deliver the box to the front door of the Birthday child’s home to open on their Birthday. Who doesn’t love opening a mass number of gifts and reading hand-made cards from friends and family on their Birthday?

Alternatively, you could just post the card or drop off in the recipient’s letter box. The mass delivery is pretty cool though because it’s instant impact at once. Saves on postage if you live close by too.

3. Have a Zoom Party

You might not be able to celebrate with everyone around, but you can certainly celebrate by organising a Zoom catch up. Alternatively you can use Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Download the free app and message friends with the meeting link and time to join. The Birthday child will love chatting with their friends and Happy Birthday can be sung, if so inclined.  The Birthday child can also open their delivered or posted gifts in front of their friends, virtually.

4. Organise delivery of a gift hamper

Who doesn’t like a hamper being delivered to their workplace for a special occasion? Well imagine your child’s delight to see a hamper delivered to their front door just for them for their Birthday?

This seems to be a popular gift idea, so do persevere in finding available hampers. Here are some I found online that my kids would LOVE to get. I’d personally love one myself!

kids gift hampers for kids celebrating a birthday in isolation
From Left to Right: Edible Blooms MonStar Choc Hamper $69, Boxt Fingerprint Art Fun Gift Box $75, Creative Hampers Fun Times Box $71.50, Edible Blooms Monstar Party Bouquet $69

5. Bake a cake and eat it together

Why not bake a cake and eat it straight after it’s made? Here are some cake ideas you can make.

This can be a great learning opportunity for your child but it can also be a fun project to fill the day.

Sour Worms Cake

If you’re after other ways to make the day special for your child, check out this post on how to make your child’s Birthday extra special.


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