Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to entertain kids for an hour or so. It gives them a sense of adventure and achievement to find the item on the list and give it a big tick.

There are many scavenger hunt ideas online where you can find different coloured or textured objects or count various items to practice maths skills.

I created this indoor scavenger hunt for my girls as many scavenger hunts often involve the outdoors – which is great! But if it’s cold or rainy, indoors is the only place to be.

indoor scavenger hunt for kids

I focused on creating a list using the alphabet. My eldest daughter (aged 9) found the list fairly easy to navigate, although the counting of the doors was a bit of a trick question. Was it doors to rooms or all the doors in the house?

For a printable of this scavenger hunt, simply click here.

indoor scavenger hunt list

My youngest two daughter’s (aged 5 and 7) worked together as one could read and the other has only started Prep. They found it a bit more challenging, but were still able to complete it.

indoor scavenger hunt

Get the kids to write their answers on the sheet or pile the items in a basket.

It’s certainly interesting to see what they find and the answers written on their sheet.

Maybe brace yourself for what they find under their bed. Ha!

Ideas and themes to create your own scavenger hunt

  • Find objects in all the colours of the rainbow
  • Count all the windows, doors, taps, lights, chairs etc in the house
  • Textures – find something soft, cold, shiny, rough, squishy etc

Other Ideas for Indoor Play

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