Slim By Nature – Detox Program Review

This is a Review Post

This year did not start how I had hoped. 

It started with a back injury. I’ve had some issues with my back before, but I’m pretty good at managing it, and I haven’t had issues for years. I enjoy exercise, and in general, I would say I was fairly fit and healthy. However, I went from doing 4 to 6 exercise sessions during my week to not even being able to get out of bed! It was really disheartening. 

Something I have come to realise is how much I rely on exercise for my mental wellbeing and also to regulate my food consumption. I find if I don’t exercise, I tend to fall back on unhealthy eating habits. A month into my recovery I was feeling really discouraged and down, so I was looking for something to help me get on track, mainly with the nutrition side of things. 

I ended up needing to take 15 weeks off exercise. It was about 7 weeks into recovery when Slim By Nature (SBN) approached me to do a review of the program. A few people I knew had tried the program and had had great success. Slim By Nature is an Australian company developed by a qualified nutritionist, with its headquarters on the Gold Coast. Their program is designed with an easy to follow nutritional plan that works in conjunction with support products. The program runs over three phases. How long you do each phase depends on what program you do but they are all based around a simple 3 step process. I’ll explain more about what program I did below. 


I did the Busy Bee Detox which is their 26-day program (that includes phase 1 and two), and then you do phase 3 on top of that, which is another 3 weeks. So the program I did was just over 6 weeks in total. The focus of the program is to help you learn more about nutrition and slim down in the process. My pack (SBN gifted me the program in exchange for an honest review) came with the following:

  • 1 x 30ml Detox support drops that are designed for the first two steps of the program
  • 12 x Detox Patches
  • 1 x 50ml Maintenance support drops for the last step of the program
  • 1 x FREE CRAVELESS, RRP $89.95
  • 1 x E-Guide for Body Slimming Detox  
  • 1 x Approved Food List
  • Access to our closed Facebook community
  • Unlimited FREE support form Wellness Coach, Mindset Coach and Nutritionist

SBN has different programs, depending on what your goals are. The main ones are the 12-day trial kit, the 26-day program43-day program and the 60-day program.  

I also used Formula Z and the 123TEATOX teas. You don’t need to use these products to do the program. However, I particularly found the teas really helped and I am still drinking them. They are herbal teas made with organic ingredients and you can read more about them here

Before I Started 

When I was halfway through the program, I wrote a list of all the items I wish I had before I started the program. You do learn a lot as you go, but just in case anyone was thinking of doing the program, these are the items that I found helpful: 

  • Get a water bottle you enjoy to drink out of and take it with you everywhere! For example, I don’t like the taste of plastic drink bottles. I prefer stainless steel or glass. 
  • Each time you have a drink of water, have two cups instead of one. 
  • You get an approved food list which is easy to follow. On the list are the Sweet Chili, Teriyaki & BBQ Nuilife sauces. These are great for adding flavour. Now that I’m finished the program, I have kept buying these sauces. You can get them online, at health stores, or some Woolies have them. 
  • Use a good multivitamin. I have heard BioCeuticals is one of the best. 
  • The TEATOX teas are fabulous. They regulate you through the day and help with cravings.
  • Make sure you have a stock of herbs you like — I love ginger and chili.
  • Buy lemons & limes. They are great for cooking and adding to water.
  • Take a photo of the approved food list. Especially during the first weeks, it’s so helpful if you have a copy of the approved food page on your phone.
  • A good non-stick frypan is a must. I needed a new one, so got a Baccarat granite frypan and I’m really happy with it. 
  • You need kitchen scales to weigh food. I have a Thermomix so I just used that.  
  • Food prep containers are handy for food on the go. I found the sectioned containers pictured below from Woolies. They are fab!
Slim By Nature Review
Slim By Nature Review

Phase 1 & 2

When I started, I was worried that following the program would take up a lot of mind space and require unsustainable changes. With all the changes to our family routines with the COVID pandemic, I didn’t want to create extra work for myself on top of everything else I had to manage! The other thing I was worried about was the adjustment period for my body.  

I was surprised by how easy the program was to follow. You really only need 2 main ingredients per meal so it’s super achievable. I found making my food so quick and easy. Most of my meals took under 15 minutes, that includes both preparation and cooking time. For the first week, I wrote a meal plan to help me get my head around the way the program works, but after the first week, it came so easily to me, I didn’t find I needed to meal plan anymore. 

I took the approved food list with me to the shops and got a heap of delicious food. Then, when I got home, I had a two-step process:

  1. Put the fruit/veg in a dedicated crisper drawer I made for myself in the fridge.
  2. Portioned the protein into zip lock bags and put them in the fridge/freezer.

During my first shop, I absolutely loved all the colours of the food! It made me feel good, just looking at it!

Slim By Nature Review - Rainbow vegetables

Phase 1 & 2 Challenges

  • During the first 4 days, I got mild headaches and felt weary, but by day 5, I felt great. It’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts. 
  • I did feel hungry sometimes, and I made it a rule to drink two glasses of water. It’s easy to think of hunger as something that will get worse, but I have found it dissipates. If I drink water, it goes within 20 minutes. 
  • Weekends are a little more challenging when it comes to being disciplined because they are often centered around food. I was able to stick to the program though – I think it’s helpful to remember that it is not forever. 

Phase 1 & 2 Benefits

  • What I noticed in the first week was how clear my skin was. I suffer from adult acne and the clarity in my skin is the first thing I noticed. 
  • By week 2, I was feeling really well and found my energy and mood significantly improved.
  • The closed SBN Facebook group is encouraging and helpful so you don’t feel like you’re going it alone!

Phase 3

I feel like phase 3 was the most important for me. It is a little more daunting than phase 2. Phase 2 is very structured and easy to follow. In phase 3, you learn a lot about portion control and I found the app MapMyFitness helpful. Phase 3 builds on what you learned from phase 2, so the food is just as easy to make, it’s just adjusting to managing portion controls and adding in different foods. 

I took a picture of all my meals and look at how beautiful it is! So much fresh food and lovely colours. Below is 64 days of meals! So it includes phases 1, 2, 3, and a week post-program.

Slim By Nature Review - food

Phase 3 Challenges

  • There is a bit more of a learning curve during this phase, so it can be useful to do a plan of how you will split the meals up the evening before. I did this as a routine before I went to sleep. 
  • There was a moment in the second week of phase 3 where I had a bit of a moment where I was weary of it. There can be some like that but you just have to trust the program. It’s great to get support from the Facebook group if you feel like that.  

Phase 3 Benefits

  • I learned SO much during this phase! I found myself getting excited about food and searching for recipes and ideas on how to make food more nutritious. 
  • Portion control comes so easily, I don’t have to even think about it. 
  • I started to get back into an exercise routine (doing Pilates and walking). The great thing about this program is it does not rely on exercise. However, as I progressed through the program, I felt more energetic and was keen to start moving again.
  • I am eating more variety than I have ever before. I eat a lot of different fruit and veggies and have included protein from many different sources (some I had not tried before).  


I am STOKED with the results. Not just the changes I could see in my body and how I felt, but this program transformed my eating habits. I used to think I was pretty healthy, but this program has helped me see the gaps in my nutrition. 

Even now, weeks after I have finished the program, my diet has drastically changed for the better. The majority of my meals are based on whole and nutritionally dense foods, I drink less milky-caffeine drinks and I am less reliant on highly processed snacks. Chips (crisps) were my kryptonite and I don’t even think about them anymore – I just realised that when I wrote this! I am not completely free from cravings, but I feel like I am in control of them, not the other way around. 

It is also interesting to see the results in actual numbers so I have included them below. In total, I lost 6.9 kilograms over the 6 weeks. The first pic is where I started, the second image is after 26 days (after phase 2), and the third picture is at the end of maintenance (after phase 3, at the 6-week mark). It’s a bit hard to tell the difference between before and after maintenance (and overlook the #isolyfe hair), but – wow – I can really tell in my clothes, especially around my waistline.  

Slim By Nature Review

I think the centimetre loss is what I found most amazing rather than the kilos. I had to buy new jeans and go down a size! I tried some of my old jeans that fit but I didn’t wear very often because they were not very comfortable, and they were way too big! 

Slim By Nature Review

I found the fashion pieces that didn’t fit or that were uncomfortably snug, fit perfectly now. AND after not being able to wear my wedding ring for many years, it fits again! In the third pic below, I am wearing a dress that I have had since I was in my late teens. I bought it in the late 1990s from a Brisbane brand called Stiletto (it’s gone out of business now) and I loved it. It’s survived every wardrobe cull. I decided to pull it out of the cupboard and it fits perfectly! While I have had success in managing my weight with exercise, I have struggled to get rid of theses excess kilos for over a decade.  

Slim By Nature Review


This has been a fabulous program for me. You do need to be disciplined to do a program like this and it can be hard sometimes when there are temptations around. It is not cheap, but I feel you get heaps of value, for example, access to a nutritionist. If you trust the program, the results are amazing – and you just have to join the closed SBN Facebook group to see the hundreds of women who get great results too. The other consideration I would mention is phase 2 is based largely around a limited number of approved food. I found there was plenty to choose from, however, if someone is particularly fussy, they may find this too restrictive. 


The best thing about this program has been what I’ve learned. During the last 2 weeks of the program, I was excited about preparing for going it on my own. I had a chat with the nutritionist (you can unlimited help and support when you need it) about managing this phase when I was off the program and she gave me some tips, especially around incorporating good carbs.  I now centre my diet around fresh fruit and veggies more. Each weekend, I get excited about getting fresh ingredients for the week ahead – who even am I? I think the entire family has benefited from this program, as I have incorporated so much of what I have learned into the other cooking I do too.

Weekend grocery goodies

Slim By Nature Review -- wholefoods
Slim By Nature Review -- wholefoods

For me, this program has been the big reset I needed.  I am wrapped with the results, and more importantly, how this program has transformed my eating habits. I wish I had done it years ago! 

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