Upcycle a Milk Bottle Into an Anzac Day Lantern

An Anzac Day Lantern is a touching way to decorate your driveway or the front part of your lawn to remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who went to war. You can use an empty milk bottle to create a lantern.

The RSL is encouraging families to ‘Light up the Dawn’ by standing at our driveway in remembrance for Anzac Day. These lanterns are perfect to add to the moment.

Lanterns are often used as symbols for mourning. They are often used to adorn a place of rest or a memorial, to pay condolences for loss.

With many of us schooling our kids from home, the Anzac Day commemoration and activities will be driven by parents.

Many households have come up with creative ways to make wreaths and lanterns to show respect for the day and its significance to Australian history.

With the isolation rulings in place, Anzac Day will be different this year. But the changes don’t mean we can’t decorate our lawns and pay our respects to the Anzacs.

Anzac Day Lantern


  • Empty milk or juice carton/bottle
  • Scissors and sharp knife (not pictured)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Red Felt Pen (a whiteboard marker works fine)
  • Tea light candle/wire lights (battery operated is best)
anzac carton lantern materials


1. Use the knife to cut the bottom section of the carton to create the tea light holder. The scissors can neaten the edges so they are a straight line.

anzac carton lantern materials

2. Draw significant objects and words on the bottle. We did poppies, soldiers, crosses and traditional wordings on each side of the carton.

anzac carton lantern
anzac carton lantern
anzac carton lantern

3. Once complete, place a tea light or wire lights in the carton to turn it into a lantern. The light will magnify the drawing from the inside.

anzac carton lantern

The lanterns will look beautiful early on Anzac Day morning during sunrise.

anzac carton lantern

Here are some lanterns another family in Brisbane created together. They made these one afternoon during their home learning. I think you can agree the art on each lantern is amazing.

Anzac Day Tea Light Holder
Anzac Tea Light Holder
Anzac Tea Light Holder

Below are the lanterns Kelly and her kids made.

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