Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor Review


If there was one baby product I wish I had got better use out of while raising my three babies, it would have been the baby monitor. 

It was the must have item on the baby item checklist. I spent a small fortune on a movement and sound monitor – the best one around at the time, in the hope I would be able to hear my baby cry. 

I am not alone in worrying about babies when they sleep. Many parents worry about:

  • Being able to hear when their baby cries
  • Being alerted to any dangers like rolling onto their tummy or obstructions to the nose and mouth. 

Unfortunately our baby monitor model did not connect to WIFI. The walkie-talkie-like handheld speaker, which I walked around the house with, would catch interference from our telephone lines. We would hear more white noise than baby cries. The movement pad was activated rarely, and there was no video function to see the position of our baby. 

After reviewing the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor, I can say that if I had a re-do of that time again, I would have invested in this monitor if it had been around. 

The inventors of the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor obviously had the same frustrations I did and have created a top-quality baby monitor, which should be on every new parent’s baby checklist. 

If you are expecting a baby and are overwhelmed with what products to spend your money on, you won’t be disappointed with the Cubo Ai. I was impressed with the quality of the monitor, to the images, sounds and alerts sent directly to my iPhone and how it can grow with your child from newborn to toddler age. 

Installation and Setting Up the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor

When it comes to setting up technological items, I am often a bit nervous because I always stuff something up. 

But there is no way you can stuff up the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor with its easy assembly. 

The parts for assembly come in a neat box and the booklet has simple to read instructions.  

The recommended set up will depend on your baby’s age and where you intend to use the baby monitor.

When I unboxed the baby monitor, I placed all pieces out on the bench. 

I opted for the floor stand assembly. I felt this would be the more tedious assembly of the three and I was surprised to find it quite simple. 

You will need to fill the base bag with 2 cups of water to give the stand stability. If you decide to place the stand next to the cot, it has a Velcro strap to fasten it to the cot. 

 I personally think this installation would be best for the 0-8 months age bracket as I’d be worried the child would shake the stand and break the monitor. 

Depending on your child’s curiosity, Cubo Ai offers 3 different assembly mounts to suit your child’s growing ability. 

Once the floor stand is assembled, you place the bird monitor into the pronged base. You will need to download the Cubo Ai app, put your WIFI internet details and password in and follow the instructions in the app to pair the monitor to your phone. 

It literally took 5 minutes (if that) to pair the monitor to my phone and I was amazed as the image quality and the sounds (of myself saying how cool the baby monitor was!) were played back to me via my phone. 

I give 5 stars for the installation and set-up experience. 

Features of the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor

The design of the Cubo Ai is super sweet and it will match in with the décor of any nursery. The all white bird design is fresh and can integrate into your baby’s room, to the playroom or even a lounge room if that’s where your child will play. 

It’s nothing like the clunky and cumbersome monitors I’ve used in the past. There is no need to hold onto a bulky receiver while moving around in your house to hear your baby cry. The alerts will come via the app on your phone. 

The alerts integrated into the Cubo Ai ensure you know your little one is safe in their cot. 

I got alerts about the change in temperature and humidity advising the room was too cold. I even checked the video and sound in the app when I was 20kms away from home and I was impressed with the vision I could see and the sounds (the TV) in the living room where I tested it. 

This function is great for when parents are away or go out and want to talk with their baby or just check to see how their baby is going while being babysat. 

I spied on my kids in the playroom and could hear their banter clearly and could visually see any dangers in the room. 

The sound and vision quality produced by the Cubo Ai Smart Baby monitor is unlike any I’ve seen or experienced. The night vision shows a clear picture, without the need to squint or bring the phone image closer to see what is going on in your baby’s cot. 

Some of the features which I think make Cubo Ai stand out the best among the rest include:

  • Covered face and roll over detection – (where was this when I was mum to a newborn!) The Cubo Ai can recognise when your baby’s mouth and nose are covered. It will also alert your iPhone (or tablet and smart watch!) when your baby has rolled over or is stuck in their cot. This feature adds peace of mind to parents – especially when safe sleeping is crucial for baby’s wellbeing. 
  • Danger Zone protection – When using the Cubo Ai beyond the cot, the baby monitor can warn when your toddler is about to enter a zone in the room they shouldn’t. The baby cam can prevent a disaster or two when you’re not in the room.
  • Cry Detection – Because the baby monitor is powered by electricity and sends sounds to your iPhone, you will never need to worry about batteries running out to hear your baby cry. The app will alert you when your baby starts to cry. 
  • Automatic Photo Capture – (one of my favourite new features!) The Cubo Ai will be able to capture your baby’s first smile or their big roll over in their cot and will snap a photo for you and store it in the app scrapbook.
  • High Definition Night Vision – the Cubo Ai has a professional-grade security camera making night checks in the dark easy. There is no need to stumble in the dark to the nursery from your bedroom to check on your baby. 

Additions designed for baby’s safety and parent’s sanity

  • There is an 18-hour playback
  • The app will alert for temperature and humidity in the room
  • There is a 2-way audio, so you can talk to your baby, via your phone
  • There is no visible red light, some baby monitors have this and can distract/interfere with your baby’s sleep. 
  • Has a built-in night light that you can activate from your phone
  • The stand grows with the baby – allowing the monitor to be used with your baby from newborn to 3 years old (or beyond)

The features and additions included with the Cubo Ai baby monitor make it stand out as one of the best to invest in for your little one. I also believe it’s a worthy investment because it can be used beyond the nursery and moved to where your little one is playing. 

With many parents at home for work during isolation, the Cubo Ai baby monitor makes it easy for parents to watch their little ones while they do that email or make a phone call. 

The Cubo Ai offers peace of mind to parents. As a parent who has done the newborn phase three times, I was impressed with this baby monitor and can highly recommend it to other parents who are looking for a baby monitor when starting their journey with a newborn. 

Special Offer for Parents

Purchase the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor for $290 (a saving of $179!) by placing the code CUBOFUNMUM in the coupon section at the checkout. The Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor retails for $469. 

Follow Cubo Ai on social media for updates and news on upcoming features.  

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