Entertain Kids At Home With Busy Nippers Activity Packs

If you’re after activities that don’t require screen time while entertaining your kids at home, you need to have some Busy Nippers Kids Activity Packs.

Busy nippers activity packs for entertaining kids at home

Busy Nippers offer a wide range of activity bags, boxes, pads and pillows which can entertain your kids for an hour or so.

Busy Nippers Activity Pack

I don’t know about you, but all my rules around my kids’ screen time during isolation have gone out the window!

While I am thankful technology can allow my kids to socialise and assist with their learning from home, I have relied on it a little too much to entertain my kids as well.

I am grateful for activities which don’t require me to think on my feet (I’m getting that enough with all the curly questions my kids are asking me while they’re at home learning!).

The Busy Nippers activity packs solve that problem and assists in getting your kids off their screens. The packs come in a range of different themes to suit your child’s interests.

Busy Nippers Activity Packs

After helping my kids with their HASS and technologies classes, the activity themes can slot straight into their current curriculum for school too.

For example, my preppie has been learning about Farms. The Farm activity pack can extend her learning off the screen. It’s just another way to enhance her learning while we can’t drive to a farm during these isolation times.

Here are some of the packs to consider for your kids. Also, delivery is included in the price of the packs.

Activity Pillows – 30 Day Home Pack $49.95

The Activity Pillows each include a pack of crayons and booklet. The booklet has a range of activities including find-a-words, set the time, finger puppets, dot 2 dot, crosswords and colouring in pages. Each activity will engage and challenge your child.

Busy Nippers Activity Pillows
Busy Nippers Pillow Pack

Activity Bags – 20 Day Home Pack $39.95

Your kids may be familiar with these bags if you’ve been to a café or restaurant  as they are often part of a children’s meal or an activity to entertain the kids while the parents chat.  

My girls LOVE these bags.

Busy Nippers Activity Bags

Each bag includes 8 themed drawing and puzzle sheets, child safe crayons ( 4 colours), colourful stickers, Easy-peel-off sticker scene, character cards and pop out finger puppets.

Ballerina Busy Nippers Activity bag

Out of the 20 different themes, my girls loved the Ballerina and Explorers.

Busy Nippers Stickers

Activity Boxes – 10 Day Home Pack $29.95

This pack comes with 10 assorted themes. The themes are more educational in this pack and will compliment at home learning.

Each Activity Box includes 16 themed drawing and puzzle pages, child safe crayons, colourful stickers, easy-peel-off sticker scene and character cards and puppets.

These boxes are more suited to older children in the 5-10 age bracket.

Busy Nippers Activity Boxes

Activity Pad and Booklet Combo – 20 Day Home Pack $39.95

The Activity Pads are suited for kids aged 3-10.

Each Activity Pad includes 18 themed drawing and puzzle pages and much of the same inclusions as the activity boxes.

Activity Pack

The Activity Booklets offer a different configuration of all the similar activities above, but in a plastic sleeve.

Busy Nippers Bulk Pack

Each Activity pack, whether you choose the pad or pillow or box will have similar materials in them.

Busy Nippers Kids Acvtivity Packs

You won’t be able to choose the individual themes, but when you’re buying a pack, you will get most of the themes anyway.

I personally gave these packs to my kids in a variety of situations while at home

  • When they were bored
  • When screen time had been a bit much for the day
  • After school work had been completed
  • For the sibling finishing their work first so it felt like they were still working, even though they were doing a fun activity

When crafts take time to source materials and preparation, these activity packs from Busy Nippers remove that for you. Each pack includes all kids need to be entertained for a few hours.

Purchasing the packs will also support a local Brisbane business, impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Know that when you order these activity packs, you’re supporting a business which has pivoted during this season.

I’m totally in for supporting a company who can support me while I entertain my kids at home.

Check out the Busy Nippers at Home website to order your activity packs.

Disclosure: We were sent Busy Nippers Activity Packs for the purpose of this review.

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