Kmart Hack: Make a Pom Pom Cushion

I’ve done my share of Kmart hacks.

This one is an easy one because it only requires 2 items from Kmart and a hot glue gun.

tween girl bedroom

My girls LOVE pom poms. They get it from their mother.

My eldest daughter had found a new quilt cover set which had a gorgeous pom pom cushion. When looking to purchase the cushion, it was going to cost $100 RRP.

I decided to come up with a different solution. And my daughter is loving her new pom pom cushion on her bed.

Pom Pom cushion Kmart Hack


kmart hack pom pom cushion


Quite simply, choose which colour pom pom you want on your cushion.

Use your hot glue gun to adhere the pom pom into the middle of the cushion.

We decided to go with a blue pom pom on one side of the cushion and peach pink on the other. It gives options on which side to display when my daughter makes her bed.

blue pom pom cushion
pink pom pom cushion

Here are some combinations you could create

Kmart hack pom pom cushion

This is such an easy and affordable project for a tween or teen to make.

Tween girl bedroom

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