LEGO Super Mario Sets Bring The Popular Nintendo Game To Life

If you’ve been concerned on how much gaming your child has taken up during isolation, the announcement by LEGO launching new Super Mario sets may be music to your ears!

Super Mario Lego Set

Super Mario is an iconic game which has worldwide popularity.

The LEGO Group and Nintendo have revealed a full product range of new Super Mario LEGO sets to bring the much loved game to life.

The newly released product announcement will allow fans to interact with Super Mario in the physical world.

The new Super Mario LEGO sets will allow brick builders to build Mario’s house, search for treasure hidden by Toad and defeat a Koopa Troopa in the Guarded Fortress, just to name a few.

Each set comes with their own series of unique challenges and characters to play with to add depth to brick building and story making.

Also announced in the launch are blind bag Character packs which not only invokes excitement, but also adds extra characters to play with on set. Each pack includes a buildable character and action tag to play with.

LEGO Character pack and app

The product release of new Super Mario Expansion Sets, Collectible Characters and Power Up Sets are designed to be used with Adventures with Mario Starter Course. The packs are designed to expand and enhance play experience.  

In conjunction with the launch of the packs, a LEGO Super Mario App was also created by the LEGO Group to support physical play experience. Key features of the app include

  • Keeps track of scores
  • Encourages continuous rebuilding
  • Provides digital building instructions with zoom and rotate viewing tools
  • Offers suggestions with creative ways to build and play
  • Offers a safe forum to share ideas with friends

If your family loves Super Mario, then these packs may offer an introduction to a new LEGO experience.

Find the range of Super Mario sets on Amazon or other stores.

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