Resoftables: Plush Toys Made From Household Plastic Waste

If you’ve ever wanted to give your kids a visual example of how plastic waste can be turned into something new, you will love Resoftables plush toys.

resoftables ted the teddy bear

Our kids were taught from a young age to get into the habit of recycling. We have a divided bin to make it easier for disposal.

We have one section for items than can be placed in the yellow lidded recycling bin and a separate section for items which can only go in the red lidded bin.

Since the introduction of containers for change, we have been proactive in keeping a separate collection for drink containers. We generally donate these to our school so the money accrued can be used by the P & C. Every family’s donation from containers for change can add up to a lot.

I find my kids learn with visual and tangible triggers. They’re eyes were wide open when I explained the Resoftables Teddy Bear we were sent in the mail was made from 100% recycled plastic waste.

resoftables made from 11 plastic bottles

“But it’s soooo soft!” exclaimed my nine-year-old daughter.

resoftables plush toys cuddly

There are 5 toys to choose from in the Resoftables range.

Kiki the Koala

Sparkles the Unicorn

Ted the Teddy

Bobo the Bunny

Snowie the Polar Bear


We were sent Ted the Teddy and he is the softest plush teddy bear we’ve owned. I say this genuinely because I was even impressed with its plush velour.

Also received in the mail was Bobo The Bunny and Snowie The Polar Bear. They took a bit longer to arrive in the mail. Both are just as soft and cuddly.

Resoftables polar bear and bunny

Each plush toy is made from approximately 11 recycled plastic bottles.

11 plastic bottles make each resoftables toy

At 35cm tall, they are an ideal gift for the kids to snuggle while isolated at home and you can feel good knowing there is an environmental lesson attached to each plush toy. The recycle logo is on the back of each toy.

resoftables plush toy

When the world produces over 275 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, it’s reassuring to see new ideas around using this waste to create something new.

If you’d like to buy your child a Resoftables toy, they are available at Kmart and Big W from $25 each.

Check out the Resoftables Facebook and Instagram for updates and information about recycling.

Disclosure: We were sent 3 Resoftables toys for the purpose of sharing this review.

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