Top Active Wear Leggings Brands

We’ve rounded up the top activewear leggings brands as suggested by you.

top 10 active leggings brands

We all have our favourite activewear brands and they aren’t always worn just for exercise.

But when they are worn for high-intensity activities, they need to have a few features like

  • High waist
  • Various length options
  • Remain opaque when squatting or doing intense workouts
  • Flexibility
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Media pocket for phone
  • Breathable
  • Won’t shrink or fade from constant wear and washing
  • Don’t roll down from the waist
  • Doesn’t fall down in the crotch area
  • Flattering silhouette

There are the leggings we work out in, the ones we pull on for everyday use to get stuff done in and the ones we take with us for travel. Sometimes one pair of legging is used for all these activities.

We asked what your favourite activewear brand was – especially for their leggings and many of you confirmed what we already use ourselves.

Others of you were super helpful to share opinion on quality and price. We even discovered some new brands to support.

Everyone’s budgets and needs are different, but here is the round-up of the 10 Active Wear Leggings Brands which got the nod of approval from the Be A Fun Mum Facebook community.

If of interest, below is the list of activewear brands mentioned by the BAFM community and their popularity.

Abi and Joseph

Abi and Joseph leggings are ideal for high and low-intensity work outs.

Abi and joseph leggings

Their functional and stylish designs make them popular for all active pursuits like yoga, pilates and the gym. They are also great for everyday wear as they have a flattering cut.

wearing Abi and Joseph for pilates

Active Truth

Active Truth are known for their inclusion sizing – even for maternity. They are ideal for all shapes and offer high-waist tights to offer extra core support.

Kelly wearing active truth leggings

These high-performance leggings are perfect for workouts, but also travelling. They are great for hikes and long walks.

active wear leggings brands

Running Bare

Running bare offer a range or full length, ¾ and bike style leggings. Kelly uses Running Bare for both exercise and travel. They are a great all-round legging for workout and everyday wear.

Kelly in Running Bare leggings for travel

Run Faster

Run Faster were mentioned quite a number of times by many of you. Their leggings have pockets which is ideal for carrying your phone when going for a jog. They also offer inclusive sizing.

run faster active leggings


Nike have been known for producing quality sportswear and shoes. I have to say from experience, their leggings are the best for wear and function. They don’t roll down when working out and they are flattering when worn. They also have a hidden back pocket for your phone.

Nike Active wear leggings

Cotton On

The Cotton On Fleece Lined Tights got multiple mentions for their inner lining – perfect for when working out in winter. They seem to be popular as only one size is left.

Cotton On offers leggings for those on a limited budget and they seem to sell out in the larger sizes quite quickly.

There is a limited range, but they offer various lengths and patterns for those needing a less expensive option.

Cotton On active Leggings

Pink Punk

This Australian made brand is definitely one to support and it got a few mentions on our Facebook post.

pink punk active leggings

Pink Punk offers a variety of activewear leggings in various colours and pattern ways. They also offer a kids range so you and your mini can match in activewear sets.


Lululemon advertise their leggings are for all occasions.

They were mentioned multiple times on our social media post.

lululemon leggings

Lululemon offers leggings in a variety of styles and lengths perfect for yoga and high-intensity sports. They are on pricey end but you will get excellent cost per wear with these leggings.  


Rockwear offer a broad range of activewear leggings and their pricing is middle of the range. There is variety in their lengths, colours and patterns. They are squat proof meaning they are fully opaque when working out.

Rockwear active leggings

Lorna Jane

For those needing a petite fit, Lorna Jane will have you covered for activewear. They did get mentioned for ease of availability both online and in-store. Their limited sizing options means this activewear brand isn’t for everyone.

Lorna Jane leggings

Kmart, Target, Big W (Michelle Bridges) and Aldi got mentioned for affordable leggings too. I’ve purchased some over the years which I’ve been happy with. However, they won’t necessarily include all the desired features mentioned above.

Which brand of activewear leggings is your favourite?

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    July 20, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Definitely give LSKD tights a go!
    Rep or Momentum… I swear by them!
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