3 Party Games Tweens Will Enjoy Playing With Their Friends

Finding suitable party game ideas for a tween Birthday party can be hard.

Tweens are still kids… but they also are more mature and some of the younger games like pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs can be deemed too ‘little’ for them.

Choosing games for your tween party really depends on your tween though and what they enjoy doing. While they may say those games from their childhood are too young, when organised with their friends, they can be a lot of fun.

I recently hosted a party for my 10 year old and we had 5 friends from school attend.

The small number was to ensure if restrictions came in place, we would still be ok.

It was a pizza party, but we had 2 hours to fill before food and cake.

Tween party food

I organised some fun games and the kids LOVED them. The friendly competitiveness was lovely to watch and the screams during the play confirmed the kids enjoyed them too.

Tape Ball

There is no name for this game… or maybe there is and I’m not aware of it. But this was a HUGE hit with the kids. I did have to help them cheat a little because I didn’t realise how well I had taped the ball.


  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Individually wrapped lollies
  • 2 Dice

Pre-game: You will need to use packing tape to wrap lollies to create a ball. Think of a pass the parcel with its many layers, but you’re wrapping around strips of packing tape. Ideally you want to wrap sections of tape so ends can be easily found when each layer is ripped off.

tape ball game


Everyone sits in a circle and rolls the dice. The first person who rolls a double goes into the middle to rip off the tape from the ball to retrieve the lollies. You can give the option where one snip from the scissors can be used to help retrieve an end to help the game along.

The next person who rolls a double is up next to try their hand at unravelling the tape ball.

The person with the most lollies wins.

Pass The Parcel

I think all kids, young and tween love pass the parcel. You can make it older by the prize at the end or individual prizes under each layer.


  • Wrapping paper, tape and scissors
  • Individual prizes
  • Small major prize
  • Music

Pre-game: Wrap the small major prize with paper and then wrap even more layers with a prize under each layer. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to use music, you could have instructions on who opens the layer next.

For example: pass to the person with blue eyes, or pass to the person with the longest hair or who has the most letters in their first name… etc.

Or you can include mini dares like saying the alphabet backwards, mathematics questions or name an animal staring with z… etc.


Everyone sits in a circle and the parcel is passed to each person. When the music stops, the person who has the parcel unwraps a layer. The game finishes when the last layer is unwrapped and this person wins the prize.

Minute to Win It with Sticky Notes

This game can be played a few times – especially if there is a tie as it’s a game of skill.


  • Timer
  • Sticky Note Pads – one for each participant


minute to win it sticky note game

Everyone gets their own individual sticky note pad. When the time starts, they have a minute to place as many sticky notes on their body as they can. If a sticky note falls to the ground, they can’t retrieve it.

The person who has the most sticky notes after 1 minute wins the round.

What party games have your tweens played together that have been a hit?

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