Two Fun Water Play Ideas For Kids

If you don’t have a pool, but want the kids to have fun outside, these two water play ideas will keep them entertained and cool.

2 water play ideas for kids

Despite the easing of restrictions, going out and about is not as popular as it used to be.

I recently sold a toddler wading pool on Facebook Marketplace after decluttering our garage.

Within minutes of it’s listing, I had 50 parents message me to purchase. I didn’t understand the urgency or popularity until a few parents explained it was difficult to find wading pools and fun outdoor water based activities as they had been sold out online.

And so came the idea to find two activities which were easy to create and would keep the kids entertained with water play.

All you need is a storage container filled with water and the materials to create the activities. I love when a craft is involved and play extends the experience.

Pool Noodle Boats

If you have a spare pool noodle floating around in the shed or garage, why not cut it up and turn it into boats?

pool noodle boats

It’s very easy to do.


  • Pool noodle cut up (use a bread knife)
  • Straws
  • Paper or Foam Sheets
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
materials to make pool noodle boats


  1. Cut a square paper into triangles.
  2. Hole punch two holes in the tringle and thread through a straw to create the sail.
  3. Stick the straw end of the sail into the pool noodle base
  4. Take your boats into the tub of water and play
pool noodle boats

The kids can use their LEGO figurines to extend the water play experience. Or they can take them into the bath.

make pool noodle boats
pool noodle boats in tub of water

Sponge Water Bombs

Balloon water bomb fights are heaps of fun but can be fiddly and costly to purchase. Let alone the mess left afterwards on the grass!

Make your own water bombs using sponges.

They can be reused and won’t make a mess!

sponge water bombs


  • Sponges in different colours
  • Scissors
  • String or rubber band
materials for water bombs


  1. Cut the sponge length ways. You will want to cut two different sponges
  2. Layer the different colours.
  3. Tie string around the middle of the sponges…this will create a pom pom look.
  4. Alternatively, you could use a rubber band. Rubber bands are easier than tying with string.
  5. Make a few doing the same process.
how to make water bombs from sponges

Soak the sponge water bombs in a tub of water and let the kids have fun throwing them at each other. They can be re-soaked and thrown again.

water bombs made
sponge water bombs

Other Outdoor Water Play Ideas

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