Barbie Color Reveal Review – Perfect for Christmas!

It’s a little more than a month till Christmas and if you’re after an affordable gift from Santa or a fun stocking filler, the Barbie Color Reveal range is ideal. It offers water play and surprises to enhance imaginative play.  

Depending on your budget, there will be a Barbie Colour Reveal set to suit.

My younger two girls (aged 6 and 7) LOVE playing with Barbies.

Last Christmas, as a combined big gift for our girls to enjoy, we bought a Barbie Dream House.

Barbie Dream House

We have the Barbie Dream Camper Van and the Plane too.

I’ve loved watching the girls play together or individually to create imaginative scenes like Birthday parties or family interactions between each doll.

When we received the new Colour Reveal Playset and Colour Reveal Mermaid, I knew they would work well with what we owned already.

Barbie Colour Reveal Ultimate Playset RRP $49.95

The Barbie Colour Reveal Ultimate Playset was a lot of fun for my girls to open.

opening Barbie Color Reveal Set

The concept

The doll is covered in metallic gold and needs to be immersed in water to reveal the Barbie character. The boxed set offers mini surprises for your child to open to accessorize and transform Barbie from day to night. The ultimate set can offer hours of fun opening surprises and creating outfit changes to suit imaginative play.

Unboxing Colour Reveal Barbie

In the box

The packaging offers 15 boxed compartments to open up with the cylinder tube containing the colour reveal Barbie.

Ultimate Barbie Reveal Box contents
This is what we got in ours… although we missed one compartment with the bottle of sunscreen!

The playset includes a doll and the ultimate unboxing experience where 25 surprises await. There are also eight repeat colour-change features, two pets and two outfits to transform Barbie from day to night.

We received the Beach/Party Barbie. The accessories matched each theme.

How it works

The colour reveal was the most exciting part to experience as you can see from my youngest daughter’s facial expression.

The cylinder has a level marker where you fill with warm tap water. Immerse the gold doll in the tube and swish her around to reveal the Barbie.

It is recommended to do the reveal away from carpets and surfaces which could be damaged by the coloured water. We did the reveal on our kitchen laminate bench and it didn’t stain, but we did make sure to wipe the water as soon as we could.

There are colour change features which also add to the reveal experience. These are achieved using ice-cold water. Our Barbie had makeup to turn her into a glam party girl. She also revealed blue streaks in her hair.

Ideas for Gifts and Play

The Colour Reveal Playset is a great way to add to your child’s existing Barbie collection. Transforming Barbie into two different outfits lends itself to more story making play ideas.

dressing barbie
Dressing Barbie
dressing Barbie from Beach
From beach
party barbie
to party

Let the kids have creative control over the outfits and accessories.

The fun doesn’t end with the doll reveal. The pets – a cat and dog also need to be immersed in water to be revealed.

immersing dog into water
Barbie Puppy in colour reveal
Add ice-cold water to the puppy’s face to reveal a black patch over its eye.
Barbie Cat
And two pink hearts over the cat’s eyes

It was very easy to introduce this Barbie to the Dreamhouse, offering extra hours of fun to create different stories and imaginative scenes.

Alternatively, with 25 surprises in the box, the Ultimate Gift Set would make the perfect Advent calendar to countdown to Christmas Day.

Chelsea Color Reveal – Mermaid RRP $14.99

The Chelsea Colour Reveal Mermaid is perfect for a stocking stuffer or as a fun add-on to a larger gift.

Colour Reveal Chelsea

The concept

Chelsea is a mermaid and when immersed in water will reveal 1 in 5 mermaid characters. She also comes with 6 surprises: 3 accessories and 3 water change features.

In the Tube

Included in the tube is a Chelsea™ Color Reveal Mermaid, 3 packet surprises with instructions on how to do the reveal.

How it works

Much like the Colour Reveal Barbie, Chelsea™ is immersed in the cylinder filled with water. The water will turn pink for the reveal.

Pull out the Chelsea™ doll to reveal her look. Each mermaid has a different combination of eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, bodice and tail design.  

Colour Reveal Mermaid Barbie

There are 3 mystery bags to open. Ours included a snap on bodice, crown and a comb which slides snugly into the mermaid fin.  

Ice cold water can be used to change the colour hairstreaks in Chelsea’s hair. Our mermaid got bright pink streaks to match with her fin.


The Color Reveal Sets are perfect for kids aged between 5-8. My ten year old was keen to see the transformation, but she doesn’t play with Barbie as much.

With Christmas coinciding with school holidays, these sets are ideal for school holiday fun. Although, I doubt the kids will want to wait till Boxing Day to start the colour reveal.

Once the colour has washed off the doll, the reveal has taken place. To reveal the makeup and hairstreaks, ice cold water can be used again and again to bring these features back.

The Barbie Colour Reveal range of sets are available at all major retailers.

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