Beautiful Copper Gift Ideas

Vurth is an online store (based in my local area of Brisbane). They sell beautiful copper products. I’ve been eyeing off a copper drink bottle for a long time now. I don’t like drinking out of plastic, and copper drink bottles have various benefits (read more about it on the Vurth website) including antibacterial properties. And it’s just so nice to drink out of! It was so lovely to receive a copper drink bottle gift from Vurth this Christmas.

Copper Drink Bottle – Diamond

Look how beautiful it is!!! I have the diamond drink bottle (950ml), but they also have other bottle styles such as hammered (950ml), and the little carrier (650ml).

Below are the details of the pictured diamond drink bottle I have:

  • Made of 99.6 % Pure food-grade copper
  • Height – 27 cms, Diameter -7.5 cms
  • Capacity- 950 ml
  • These handcrafted copper bottles are made by skilled artisans and as such no two bottles will be the same.
Copper Drink Bottle - Gift Idea

Three drink Bottle Styles

Benefits of Copper

Vurth have various links to studies about the benefits of copper which you can find here.

Drink Bottle Size in Car

I wondered if the drink bottle would fit into a standard-sized drink car holder and it fits perfectly.


These products make for stunning gifts! Below are pictures of the different drink bottles styles and Vurth also do mugs and wine glasses (L to R): diamond drink bottle (950ml) $39.00, hammered drink bottle (950ml) $39.99; little carrier (650ml) $34.99; Moscow Mule Mugs (set of 4) $75.

Head to the website here: vurth.com.au

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