Christmas Dessert Platter for Everyone


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They always come up with fab and fun products that make Christmas special, easy and convenient. Last year, Woolworths released mini desserts (you can see what I did with them last year here). They were such a hit, Woolies kept the mini dessert theme going and released a new fancy Gold Premium Mini Dessert selection  just in time for Christmas. They are fabulous for making a dessert platter, so there’s something for everyone. 

The Indulgent Mini Dessert selection includes:

  • Belgian chocolate & caramel brownies
  • Red velvet cake
  • Baked blueberry cheesecake
  • Tangy lemon tartlets

New Gold Mini Dessert Range (20 pack) 

The Gold range is made right here in Australia.

The GOLD Premium Mini Dessert selection includes: 

  • Caramelised white chocolate & wattleseed cheesecake
  • Chocolate & roasted hazelnut tart
  • Ruby chocolate cheesecake
  • White chocolate mud cake

Woolworths Native Bakery range

This year, Woolies have focused on native Australian ingredients. So look out for the products that have wattleseed , lemon myrtle and riberry. 

If you have a family gathering this year, I’ll show you how to make a dessert platter that will feed approximately 25, which allows at least 2 desserts per person (and at only approx $3 per person). If you are serving to less people, you might only need one pack of mini desserts.


Dessert platter assembly

I have made a lot of platters and have developed a bit of a system:

  1. Arrange desserts randomly spaced around the board.
  2. Be sure to make room for larger desserts, like the meringues. 
  3. Then fill all the spaces with berries. 

That’s it! Ready to serve!

Australian Table Set Up 

I was inspired by the new Gold range with products made using native Australian ingredients this year,  and decided to create a table setting with an Australiana flavour. My husband even mentioned how surprisingly simple it is to set up this type of table decoration. 

Below is the list of items I used:

Table set-up Instructions

  1. Tablecloth, table runner and then lay sections of the green foliage down.
  2. Add red berries and then other red flowers
  3. Finish with sprigs of white flowers (I used corsican stonecrop)

4. Add plates, Bon Bons, napkins, name tags and cups.

Name Tag Design

Lemon Myrtle & Riberry inspired name tag design

Click here for PDF printable.

Deluxe bon bons 

My daughter came shopping with me and she has a good eye for colour, and she suggested these blue bon bons for the highlight colour! Woolies have many different colours and price ranges.

For a bit of luxury, the glitter champagne flutes (plastic) from Woolies are a nice touch. We filled them with kombucha for the kids.

The good thing about this sort of table setting is you can place larger plates right on top of the foliage. I saw this at a wedding once and I have remembered it ever since. You can see below the dessert platter sits nicely in the middle of the table.  This way, you still get that festive table feel, while still being able to have enough room for the yummy food.

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