Snow Globe Gingerbread House in a Jar

Snow globes and Gingerbread Houses are wonderful decor and baking traditions which come out at Christmas.

This food craft collides both together, creating a gorgeous Christmas table centerpiece or a fabulous gift under $20.

Snow globe gingerbread house in a jar

I’m hopeless at making gingerbread houses. Even the ready-to-make kits have resulted in disaster.

But with this project, I bought everything pre-made to make it easier.

If you love making gingerbread houses, you can certainly tailor this by baking your own.

I bought my gingerbread house from Woolworths. Kmart also has small, hand-size gingerbread houses that can work too.


  • Caster Sugar
  • Large Jar
  • Gingerbread House
  • Mini Icing Decorative Figures (available in the baking section at Woolworths)
ingredients to make snow globe gingerbread house in a jar


Fill the jar with caster sugar. You could also use salt, but I think sugar works better as it offers a finer, crystalized consistency.

jar with caster sugar

Remove your gingerbread house from the packaging. Don’t remove the cardboard base, but you may need to trim it to get the house into the jar. Keeping the base on means you can sprinkle more caster sugar to keep the gingerbread house in place.

place gingerbread house in jar

Use a spoon to move the caster sugar around the gingerbread house. This can disperse any balls of sugar.

sprinkle more caster sugar around the gingerbread house

Add in another icing figurine. These can be found in the baking aisle at your grocery store. Alternatively, chocolate elves or candy canes can be added to create a decorative scene in the jar.

add iced figures to snow globe

Place the lid on and add a ribbon. The Snow Globe Gingerbread House in a Jar is ready to be gifted to someone or placed on the dining table.

Snow Globe Gingerbread House in a Jar
Gingerbread House in a Jar

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