8 Fun Rock Craft Ideas

Rocks are usually easy to find and can be a fun craft project for the kids.

On the school holidays, we painted rocks as part of a play date. It didn’t need very much preparation as all that was needed were the rocks, paint, paint brushes and a plate to allow the rocks to dry.

There are many ways rocks can be introduced to imaginative play for younger children and used in craft for tweens and teens. Here are 8 fun rock craft activity ideas they might like to try.

Rock Cactus

I’ve seen cute projects on Pinterest where rocks have been painted into cactuses. We attempted this project on the holidays and planted the rocks into a pot.

Rock Cactus

Aussie Bush Rock Weaving

Try some rock weaving by wrapping rubber bands and leaves around a rock. These can then be used as a paper weight or simply displayed as decor.

aussie rock weaving

Rock Towers

Rock towers can be built anywhere where there are rocks. The towers can be used for play for younger children or they can be created as a holiday memory.

rock towers for imaginative play

Personalised Paper Weight

Personalise a rock by painting a name on it so it can be used as a paper weight.

Rock paper weight

Pet Rocks

Add googley eyes to your rocks and turn them into pets!

pet rocks

Rock Animals and Fruit

Collected rocks can remind kids of animals or fruit. My youngest found a rock which was shaped as a frog and so she painted it as a frog. The other was shaped as a strawberry.

Rock painted into a frog

How CUTE is this strawberry?

strawberry rock

Rock Footprints

This project uses different sized rocks placed on a timber banner to create footprints. It can make a beautiful gift for wall art.

rock footprints

Rock Monsters

Similar to the pet rocks idea, paint the rocks and add googley eyes to turn them into monsters. You can use beads and other textured pieces to create the face of your rock monster.

rock monsters

Which of these rock craft ideas will you try with the kids?

rock cactus decor

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    Kritika Panse
    February 13, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    I seem to have run out of ideas to keep my kids engaged when I came across your blog. This is interesting and would keep them entertained for some hours.

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