Baby Yoda Mocktail

This Baby Yoda Mocktail is an occasional drink for kids and adults. It’s the perfect beverage to serve at a Star Wars themed Birthday party.

Baby Yoda Mocktail

We recently had my husband’s 40th and I was inspired by the Baby Yoda Cocktail I’d seen shared on Facebook.

Because our party was kid friendly, I decided to create an alcoholic free drink. I took styling notes from the original creation by Michael Young, part owner of restaurant Vault in Banbridge. The Baby Yoda Cocktail went viral when Jennifer Aniston shared the drink online.

Ingredients and Materials

  • Brown paper bags
  • Twine
  • Reusable Plastic wine glasses
  • Toothpicks
  • Blueberries
  • Chilled Cottee’s Pine and Lime Cordial
  • Chilled Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  • Chilled Lemonade
  • Lime wedges
  • Scissors
  • Knife and board

How to make a Baby Yoda Inspired Mocktail

To make a Baby Yoda Mocktail, mix

1/4 Cup of Pine Lime Cordial

1/4 Cup of Bundaberg Ginger Beer

1/2-3/4 cup of Lemonade

Baby Yoda Mocktail ingredients

You can change the combination as needed for taste… but keep in mind you want the drink to remain light green, so ease back on the ginger beer.

Baby Yoda Mocktail

Once the drink is made, you will need to add eyes by placing two blueberries on a toothpick. Balance this on the top rim of the glass.

Baby Yoda Eyes

And for the ears, place a wedge of lime on either side of the rim of the cup. You could also use cucumber slices.

Baby Yoda Ears

Make the cape

It’s best to dress the plastic glass BEFORE pouring the drink in.

You will need to cut along the side fold of the paper bag so it can open up.

Place the cup in the corner of the open bag.

Fold the ends of each side of the brown paper bag to the middle.

Fasten with twine.

make baby yoda's cape

Once Baby Yoda is dressed, the drink is ready to be served.

Baby Yoda Mocktail

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