Easy Star Wars Craft: Pool Noodle Lightsabers

For my husband’s 40th Birthday, we loosely based the theme on Star Wars.

We knew there would be a few kids coming to the party, so I wanted an easy Star Wars craft to entertain the kids.

Turning pool noodles into Lightsabers was both an affordable and fun way for the kids get into the party theme. Plus they had them to play with afterwards.

Lightsaber pool noodle craft


  • Pool Noodles cut in half
  • Scissors
  • Grey duct tape
  • Black electrical tape
pool noodle lightsaber materials

How to make Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Pool noodles can be bought from Bunnings for $1.65 each. I bought ten and cut them in half using a knife.

The first step in making the lightsaber is to cover the end with duct tape.

You will then need to wrap the grey duct tape 3 widths to create the handle.

Once the grey duct tape has been wrapped around the end, you can cut the black tape to create patterns and buttons for the handle. Let the kids have creative control over this.

how to make star wars lightsabers from pool noodles

Once the lightsabers are made, the kids can have fun with them in the yard.

playing with lightsabers in backyard

The kids may need help wrapping the tape around the pool noodle. Have scissors on hand to cut the strips of tape when needed.

pool noodle light saber handles

Also a heads up… grey duct tape is found in the painting/ tape section of Bunnings and electrical tape will be found in the electrical section – near the lights display.

May the force be with your little ones as they make their own lightsaber. Who will join the Jedi and who will feel the pull to the dark side?

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