Bunny Napkin Craft

I caught a craft video on Pinterest to create a Bunny Napkin Favor which looked so easy, I couldn’t wait to try it with my kids.

I got all the materials and went to make it… and it didn’t work.

After viewing the craft video again, it seemed I bought the wrong beads. But it didn’t matter, because I improvised the design to suit the materials I had and it came out pretty cool.

Bunny Napkin Craft


  • Chocolate eggs
  • Easter napkins
  • Glue
  • Googley Eyes
  • Ribbon
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
materials for bunny napkin craft


Unfold the paper napkin so the print is facing down. Fold the two opposite corners into the middle of the napkin.

folding a napkin

Place an egg adjacent the folds.

egg in napkin

Wrap the folded sides over the egg and then fold in the ends to create the ears for the bunny.

wrap the egg
create bunny ears

Use ribbon to tie the ears in place.

use ribbon to tie ears

Glue eyes and use a sharpie to draw on the bunny face.

make a bunny napkin favour

The Bunny Napkin Favours are ready to be hidden for an Easter Egg hunt or given as gifts to friends.

Bunny Napkin Craft

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