Make a Chocolate Bunny Terrarium

Easter is early next month and I’ve already been thinking about what crafts I can make with the kids. This Chocolate Bunny Terrarium will be the first project we make as they not only look super cute, but make an affordable gift!

Chocolate Bunny Terrarium for Easter

I’ve made three for my girls, but I know we will be making more for friends and family.

They make a great home decor piece if you decorate for Easter. (I do!)

Be sure to keep them OUT of the sun and heat as you may find your bunny will melt.


Tall Glass Dome Jars ($4 from Kmart)

Green Moss or Artifical Turf (Available from discount craft shops)


Easter Eggs

Kinder Surprise Mini Chocolate Bunnies

Double sided foam tape


Materials for Easter Choc Bunny Terrarium


  1. Remove the lid and place glue on the underside for the moss or artifical turf to stick in place.
  2. Cut a section of double sided foam tape and place this at the bottom of the chocolate bunny. Place the chocolate bunny on the moss lid.
  3. Place wrapped chocolate eggs around the chocolate bunny and place the lid on firmly.
Making Choc Bunny Terrarium
Glue Choc Bunny To Lid
Lid Placed on Terrarium
Mini Choc Bunny Terrariums

Tips and Suggestions

I didn’t glue the lid to the jar because the suction kept it in place.

I also decided against placing the non-wrapped chocolate eggs in the terrarium as I didn’t realise the moss I bought was more powdery than grass like. So I opted to use the wrapped chocolate eggs in my terrarium.

If kids are going to receive these as a gift, it is best to use wrapped chocolate eggs to prevent moss being eaten with the egg.

Overall, I was really happy with how these turned out and they are a fun and affordable Easter craft idea to make with the kids.

Chocolate Bunny Terrarium

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