Put Faces on Chocolate Eggs

If a craft involves chocolate and lollies, my kids are IN. This fun food craft is one you will love making with the kids this Easter: Using lollies to put faces on Chocolate Eggs.

Chocolate Egg Faces

Inspired by Toy Story, did your kids ever have a Potato Head toy? We had one of these toys when the kids were younger.

The ears, hat, eyes, lips and various accessories would come out of the potato. My girls would practice their fine motor skills by placing each part of the face back onto the Potato Head. Sometimes they would put the wrong pieces into the wrong section which would result in a unique looking potato!

This chocolate egg craft is very similar to making a potato face! We made this a fun Easter craft morning activity and it was interesting seeing which lollies the kids would choose to make the face.

My eldest decided to create a Chocolate Egg Alien, placing lollies and eyes everywhere. It reminded me of something we’d see from Monsters Inc!

The best part of this activity is eating your creation! Who doesn’t love lollies with their Chocolate?! It was like eating a deconstructed Rocky Road. Yum!


  • Medium sized chocolate hollow eggs
  • Chocolate melts
  • Jug and spoons
  • Paper Plate
  • Lollies of various kinds (we used snakes, strawberry and creams and fruit salad
  • Candy Eyes (from baking section in Woolies)
Ingredients for Chocolate Egg Faces


Unwrap your chocolate egg. Don’t discard the al-foil wrapping as this can be formed into a nest for your chocolate egg to sit on.

unwrap chocolate egg

Melt the chocolate melts as per instructions. Empty the lollies into bowls so the kids can easily think about their face design.

lollies for Chocolate egg decorating
Add eyes to chocolate egg

Use a tea spoon to smear melted chocolate onto the lollies to attach to the egg. Let the kids be creative with their faces.

Add faces to chocolate eggs
Chocolate Egg Faces

Once complete, place the egg into the fridge to set for atleast 1 hour.

Here are some of the designs my kids made.

Chocolate egg faces
Chocolate egg faces
Chocolate Egg Faces
Chocolate egg faces
Chocolate Egg Alien Face
Chocolate egg faces

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