Turn a Pot Holder into a Magnetic Organiser

This affordable and useful Mother’s Day gift idea is easy for the kids to make with adult help. Turn a pot holder into a magnetic organiser on the fridge. It’s ideal for those everyday utensils like scissors or a working pen – which can go missing when not put back in their spot. Extend mum’s sanity by placing the scissors or working pen back into the magnetic organiser after it’s been used!

Turn a pot holder into a magnetic organiser

No matter how organised your home is, there will always be items that get misplaced.

Like the scissors. Or a working pen.  A sharpie for writing names on items. Or a lead pencil for homework.

Usually it’s because they haven’t been put back in their original spot after use. I can’t count how many scissors we’ve lost over the years only to find them later in a random craft box or buried in a doll house because it was ‘hairdressing’ day for imaginative play.

And Sharpies seem to be the texta of choice when needing a black pen. It’s ironic they go walk-about when they are used to prevent items getting lost at school.

This magnetic holder could solve this issue, by having a designated place for those everyday items which seem to go missing. The organisers are easy to make, although an adult may need to help in getting a firm fold and placing the glue where it needs to go.


  • Round pot holders ($1.50 from Kmart)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Magnetic strip
  • Scissors
materials for magnetic holder


Make a pot holder organiser
  1. Cut off the tags from the pot holder
  2. Fold one side into and the other to create a cone shape.
  3. Glue the bottom corner and along the end edge to secure the cone shape.
  4. Cut strips of magnetic strip and glue these to the other side of the holder. You need to allow for these to dry on securely so the magnets are firmly glued to the back of the holder.
  5. Once made, add it to the fridge to see it sits evenly and test some scissors or pens in the organiser.
  6. Make a few for Mother’s Day. They make an easy and affordable gift.
Pot holder organiser
Pot  holder organisers for the fridge

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