Turbie Twist Pamper Gift Pack Idea

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The classic Turbie Twist is so-so good! Once you try it, you don’t know how you managed without one. Established in 1995, the hair towels are made from microfibre so they are ultra-light on your head and help dry hair quicker. I also find they make my hair less frizzy after washing too. They have a loop at the back of the which you just tuck the top in so it stays in place. They are so much better than a regular bath towel and more comfy, so you can get on with your daily routine while your hair dries. They come in heaps of different colours, and are available at Big W in store or online. Below is what you get in the twin pack:

I have three teen daughters, and they all have different types of hair. My eldest has long and very curly hair, my second has straight mid-length hair and my youngest daughter has long wavy hair. The Turbie Twist works on all hair types. But what surprised me the most was just how useful they are for other  things. For example, keeping hair up when having a bath, applying makeup, and keeping hair away from my face when using masks. 

If anyone is interested in the mask product I am using in the blue Turbie Twist pic, it is Skin Physics Hydration Maximiser Mask (which I received as a gift). You can get them online or at Priceline. This is a 30 minute mask and if your skin is dry, it gives it a massive moisture boost. I like this mask a lot – really gives you that glow up.

Below is the front and back of the Turbie Twist, and you can see in the second image, the elastic loop where you fasten the towel after twisting your hair back.  Super easy to use. 

Paper Fun Night Gift Pack Idea

With Mother’s Day around the corner, the Turbie Twist is fabulous for including in a pamper fun night gift pack idea. Either include a Turbie Twist and a range of luxury bath or skin care products, or put together a pamper pack including some food goodies too. I shared this with my three teen daughters, and we did masks together which was hilarious because we looked so creepy. As my children get older, it’s hard to get everyone together, so it’s so lovely to spend time with them. Below are some ideas on putting a gift pack together. 

Throw all the ingredients on a platter, sit down and enjoy the mask and chill time.  

The gift of time is one of the best. 

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