3 Present Wrapping Ideas Kids Will Love

Recycling gift bags are my jam when it comes to Birthday gifting. I can’t be the only one who has a stash of gift bags from parties past, ready to re-gift to the next recipient?

Found via The Plumbette

As long as there are no rips, bends or broken handles, I will fold them up ready to be re-gifted for the next party.

But occasionally, I will have the wrong size or incorrect theme (hello Christmas and Easter gift bags) which will require wrapping a present instead.

For our household, June seems to be the month of Birthday parties – possibly because they had to be cancelled last year due to lockdown.

I’ve wrapped three presents in different ways for three children’s Birthdays. All you need is some brown paper and craft supplies.

Loaded Llama: Present Wrapping Idea No 1

This present wrapping idea was fun to shop for and make!

We purchased a Llama (available from Target $10) and used this as the base for our present. The idea is to wrap the gift (Could be LEGO, Books, craft etc) and load it on top of the Llama plush using pom pom ribbon.

Loaded Llama Present Idea

You could use any type of stuffed animal toy, but it works best for a toy which can stand by itself.

Loaded Llama Present Idea

Ice Cream Delight: Present Wrapping Idea No 2

Pom Poms can make any plain present look fun! For this present wrapping idea, you don’t need any artistic ability.

I bought pom poms from Kmart, but you could make the pom poms yourself.

materials for Ice Cream present idea

All you need to do is glue one pom pom first to the present, then use a sharpie pen to draw the cone. I added another pom pom for an extra scoop of ice cream.

Ice Cream Delight Gift Wrapping Idea for kids

Balloon Elephant: Present Wrapping Idea No 3

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to recreate it myself. Essentially you use a balloon for the trunk, add eyes and draw the outline of an elephant on the gift.

Elephant present wrapping idea

This gift wrapping idea is going to work best with presents than have a flat surface.

Elephant present wrapping idea

These unique present wrapping ideas are fun and easy. Kids will love the extra details and textures used when unwrapping their gifts.

Other Present Wrapping Ideas

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    Ellie Marks
    June 28, 2021 at 10:01 pm

    These are such cute ideas! We have more August babies in our extended family rather than June but it’s never too early to start preparing for birthday present, isn’t it? I bet my son would love helping with wrapping presents for his cousins, especially the balloon elephant.

  • Reply
    July 10, 2021 at 3:34 pm

    These ideas are so fun! Really like the elephant balloon 🙂 Great way to make wrapping so much more personal – and an art project for the kids!

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