Make a Paper Plate Clown

Rainy days and lockdown can mean snuggles on the couch watching movies.

But after so much screen time, it’s important to break up the day with a fun activity or craft.

These Paper Plate Clowns were made on a rainy afternoon. You don’t need too many craft materials to make them. For the materials you don’t have on hand, you can improvise by drawing instead.

Paper Plate Clown


  • Paper Plates
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Selection of Pom Poms
  • Large Googley Eyes
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
Materials to make a paper plate clown


Cut a small section of pipe cleaner to create the mouth.

Glue to the bottom of the paper plate

Add a pom pom nose and 2 googley eyes to create the face of the clown.

Now add pom poms sporadically on the top part of the plate to create the clown’s hair.

How to make a paper plate clown

A craft for fine motor skills

The best part about this craft is it’s quite easy for little hands to make. Arranging the pom poms on the paper plate will require fine motor skills. It’s a fuss free craft which can allow your kids to have creative reign.

Here is my 6 year old creating her clown. She wanted to call her clown Happy Chappy!

Happy Chappy Clown
Happy Clown

Allow the kids to name their clown. The more pom poms the better. But if you don’t have pom poms, why not curl pipe cleaners for curly clown hair?

Paper plate clowns

Other Paper Plate Craft Ideas

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