Make a Candle out of a Cardboard Roll

Every year just before the Christmas season starts, I look for fun crafts to do with the kids on school holidays. The crafts can then be used to decorate the home in anticipation for Christmas day.

This candle made from an empty cardboard roll is easy and will use up any left over paper from gift wrapping.

Cardboard roll candle craft


Empty toilet roll or papertowel rolls

Gift paper

Sticky Tape




Orange and Yellow textas


Paint brush

Glass and pencil (not pictured)

materials to make a candle


  1. Wrap gift paper around your cardboard roll. If using new paper, cut it to size.
  2. Glue the paper to the roll with the glue stick and fasten with sticky tape.
  3. Use a glass and lead pencil to trace around the opening of the cup to create the flame.
  4. Draw the flame and sparks with orange and yellow textas. Paint on some glitter for a sparkly flame effect
  5. Cut two slits on each side of the covered roll.
  6. Insert the paper flame into the cuts on either side of the roll to create your candle.
instructions to make a candle from a cardboard roll

Make a few different candles in varying heights using empty toilet rolls or paper towel rolls.

toilet roll candle craft

The candles can be used for imaginative play or decor for Christmas decorating.

Turn a cardboard roll into a candle

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