Paper Plate Lollipop Angel Craft

For a fun end of year craft activity for Christmas, this paper plate lollipop angel craft is the perfect project for kids.

Paper Plate Lollipop Angel Craft for Christmas

Using small paper plates, a lollipop and pipe cleaner, the kids will have their little angel made in no time.

There is no mess and the craft is an affordable way to give each classmate a small Christmas gift.


  • Lollipop
  • Small paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Blade knife
materials to make an angel


Cut a wedge section of the paper plate. This will be used for the angel’s body. You can have a cut out template the kids can copy from to help.

Turn the piece adjacent to the cut out section as pictured below.

Paper Plate Angel Craft

Use the blade knife to make an incision on the angel body for the lollipop to go through.

insert lollipop

Loop a pipe cleaner to make the angel halo and wrap this around the lollipop. Use double sided tape to attach the angel body to the wings.

Add halo to angel

Cut out two triangular sections near the body for the wings.

wings cut

Once complete, your angel is ready to be gifted to a friend. Make a few as gifts for classmates.

angel lollipop craft
Angel lollipop craft gift idea
Angel Paper Plate Lollipop Craft for Christmas

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