Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers

Want to add some festive fun to your pen or pencil this Christmas? You will want to make one of these Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers!

Christmas Tree pencil toppers

My girls and I had a lot of fun making our pencil toppers. While I envisioned green trees with coloured pom poms, my youngest two wanted a pink and purple tree and they still turned out fabulously! Using a different colour tree topper can help everyone know which pencil is theirs!

This craft is a great end of year school activity. It requires minimal materials and if you don’t have a hot glue gun, normal craft glue will do just as fine! It’s probably safer for little hands.

I used hot glue to secure each topper to the pencil to prevent it flying off in the classroom.


  • Lead pencils or pens
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Mini pom poms
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  • Small cone – you get the kids to make one out of cardboard, needs to be finger size
  • Scissors (not pictured)
Materials to make Christmas Tree toppers


Grab a pipe cleaner and start to wrap it around the cone. This will give the tree shape. Start wrapping from 3/4 of the length down the pipe cleaner. This ensures there is enough to wrap around the pencil at the base.

Wrap the bottom end of the tree around the pencil. Use hot glue to keep into place on the pencil.

How to make a Christmas Tree Topper on a Pencil

Decide on which pom poms you will glue on your tree topper.

Use glue to stick a pom pom to each corner of the tree in a zig zag fashion.

Glue Pom Poms to Christmas Tree Pencil Topper

Once complete, you can start using your pencil! Make a few different colour variations as gifts for friends or family.

Christmas Tree Pencil Topper
Multiple Christmas Tree Toppers
Christmas Tree Topped Pencils in Pen cup

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