Nature Inspired Christmas Crafts

When it comes to Christmas crafts and decorating, we often think of sparkle and shine from tinsel and glitter. But the outdoors can offer inspiration on some rustic decor which can add texture and a cosy feel to your Christmas decorating. These nature inspired Christmas crafts bring the outdoors in and in a fun and festive way. Best of all they are affordable and often require very little materials to make as they are gathered from outside.

7 nature inspired Christmas Crafts

Christmas Tree Craft with Layered Leaves by Mother Natured

If you ever need nature inspired crafts all year round, Mother Natured is the place to head to with a range of leaf and stick crafts as well as educational activities to keep the kids entertained and grounded with nature.

This layered leaf Christmas Tree makes the cutest decoration!

Layered Leaf Christmas Tree decoration by Mother Natured

Australian Native Wreath by The Plumbette

Australian natives come in a range of reds and greens, making them the perfect stems and branches to make your own wreath.

This wreath was made in lockdown to commemorate ANZAC Day, but the same flowers and stems from the garden were also used for a Christmas wreath.

Bottle Brush, Grevilleas and Wattle can be interspersed with Eucalyptus and Gum Tree branches.

Australian Native Wreath for Christmas

Gumnut Gnomes By May Gibbs

Speaking of Australian natives, why not collect gumnuts and turn them into little gnomes? This cute craft is a festive way to use up fallen gumnuts.

Turn gumnuts into gnomes

Stick Christmas Tree by Be a Fun Mum

A rustic Christmas Tree idea is to use discarded tree branches and display them in a vase. Add your Christmas decorations and you have an amazing dining table centerpiece.

stick Christmas Tree

Star Twig Decoration by May Gibbs

After making a stick Christmas tree, you may have some loose twigs which can be turned into this delightful star decoration. I’ve made one of these and can’t wait to display it this Christmas.

Twig Star Decoration

Pine Cone Wreath Decoration by Be a Fun Mum

Mini pine cones are dropped from the Casuarina tree. These little pine cones are prickly underfoot and are usually found near beaches. Pick a few up and glue them to curtain ring to create a wreath decoration for your tree.

Pine Cone Wreath Decoration

Echidna Decoration by May Gibbs

During the bushfires of 2020, like most Australians, I was concerned about the impact on wildlife, but I also became fascinated by echidnas. This craft uses discarded leaves on a paper plate cut in half. It’s such a cute idea and kids will love making it.

Echidna Christmas Decoration

How do you bring nature into your Christmas decorating?

Aussie Inspired Christmas Ideas

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