Skobi School Shoes, Designed by Aussie Paediatric Podiatrists

We have a few extra weeks before school starts this year in Queensland due the ongoing COVID situation. I am looking forward to getting back into more of a routine again, however it has been nice to have less pressure to do all the back to school stuff I usually need to do.

Team at Skobi

I have two children still at school this year, and they both need new school shoes. I am pleased to be supporting an Aussie/Brisbane business, Skobi Shoes this year. The shoes are locally designed by Paediatric Podiatrists in Brisbane who specialise in developing shoes that are comfy, supportive, and elegantly designed. You can check their various stockists around Australia, however they do also offer free shipping for shoes, which is so handy if you don’t want to head out and face the shops.

I used the online Skobi instructions to measure and fit for shoes. I also flicked the team a message about my children’s particular foot needs to get some advice about what type of shoe would work best for them.

My children’s feet

My daughter is in grade 11, and her feet aren’t really growing anymore. She’s pretty easy to fit but does have a bunion on one foot which can be problematic for her sometimes. The Barty was recommended for my daughter, as they are a little wider to account for the bunion, but still have that formal look that she was after.

My son is in grade 9 this year, and he has large and wide feet. He is also is really hard-going on his shoes. My son liked the look of the Holt Senior, and they were a good recommendation for him.

Shoes arrived and we tried them on and they both fit perfectly! Both the kids like how they felt and looked. I’ll list further below more about the particular styles my kids are wearing.

On the left is my daughter wearing the Barty shoes, and on the right is my son in the Holt Senior

Holt Senior

My son is wearing the Holt Senior in black (they come in brown too).

They are designed to be a good all rounder shoe that offers an alternative to the classic lace up shoes. They are still lace ups, so comply with many school requirements, however they still have that casual feel. They are especially good for kids with more sensitive feet. Below are some of the features:

  • Lace up
  • Super-soft premium, breathable leather
  • Super light weight sole
  • Minimal internal sticking and seams
  • Removable leather innersole
  • Slip-resistant reinforced heel counter for additional rear-foot control
  • Assists in improving proprioception and tactile feedback underfoot

My son liked them because “they are sneaker-ry, comfortable and they look nice.”


My daughter likes the look of classic school shoes so went with the Barty.

They are a classic lace shoe that will suit most foot types. Although they have that classic formal shoe look, they are designed to be a formal/jogger hybrid. Below are some of the features:

  • Small heel
  • Removable footbed and multi-fit lace option
  • Super light weight sole
  • Jogger/formal shoe hybrid
  • Premium fine grain leather
  • Contoured removable leather footbed

My daughter said that the shoes “were firm and supportive, and they are comfortable and didn’t slip up on the heel.”

Very happy with the shoes, from the ordering to the fit, feel and look. It’s reassuring to know that the design is endorsed by paediatric podiatrists.

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