Lunch Box Hit: Breakfast Muffins

I first tried a breakfast muffin in the lunchbox for my kids in 2020. Ever since, it’s been a massive hit. I just make sure I fry the egg hard, and use an insulated case. It doesn’t take me very long to do this and I have a bit of a process.

Step 1: Toast English muffin. Unless the child would prefer it un-toasted.

Step 2: Fry egg well done.

Step 3: Put egg together with a combo of ingredients I have available or to my children’s tastes.

For example:

  • tomato/BBQ sauce
  • spinach
  • slice of cheese
  • tomato
  • bacon

Below are some of the lunchbox I have made for my kids including the breakfast muffin. I’ll include under each image the different elements.

Breakfast Muffin | Apple (with drizzle of lemon juice) | Carrot | Protein Slice | Avocado (with drizzle of lemon juice)

Breakfast Muffin | Cherries | Tomato | Blueberry Muffin | Cucumber

Breakfast Muffin | Cucumber | Strawberries | Tomato | Banana Bread

Breakfast Muffin | Mandarin | Blueberry Muffin | Carrots | Sesame Bites

Breakfast Muffin | Apple (with drizzle of lemon juice) | Avocado (with drizzle of lemon juice) | Mandarin | Sesame Bites

Breakfast Muffin | Mandarin | Brownie Bite | Salad & Chickpeas

Breakfast Muffin | Carrot & Sugar Peas | Blondie Bites | Mandarin | Olives

If you’re looking for more lunch box ideas, you can check here on the blog, or follow me on Instagram @beafunmum and the hashtag #bafm_lunchbox.

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