Most Beautiful Rainbow Cake

Once you’ve tried to make a fancy cake for your child’s birthday, you realise it’s SO MUCH HARDER than it looks. I tend to look for Inso in the Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book (affil) or on the web. I always said to my kids when they were little that I was so happy to make them a birthday cake, but they had to pick a cake within my (limited) capabilities. Now my kids are older, I don’t typically make their cakes anymore. Either they make them (because they enjoy it) or I just order something. I can tell you, ordering a cake is A LOT less stressful – ha!

I found this most beautiful rainbow cake on insta by @bowmankitchen. Like, wow, to get all those colours so beautifully placed was amazing to me and I thought it worth sharing here for Inspo if you’re looking for a rainbow theme cake.

More birthday cake inspo

Number cakes

Number cakes are all the range at the moment. Info on the 18 number cake here or the 6 cake here.

Beach theme cake

My daughter wanted a beach themed cake and we had this one make locally at the coastal place we were staying. Find more details here. We also did a treasure chest cake one time too, and this one is more achievable. More details here.

Treasure chest birthday cake

Easy Tank Cake

This one was pretty easy too. More details here.

Tank Cake

Waterfall Cake

This is probably the cake that I made myself that I am most proud of. I just loved it, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Details on how I made it here.

Waterfall scene cake

Basketball Cake

My husband decorated this one and it turned out so well. Deets here.

Basketball Cake

Lolly/Candy Cake

This is another one of my favourites that I have made. It has such a wow factor. More info on this one here.

Candy Box Cake

Frozen inspired

This frozen inspired cake is amazing! More details about putting together a Frozen-inspired party here.

Frozen party ideas - cake idea

Gravity-defying Cake

This is a cake my daughter made for herself. It’s so fun! Details on how to make it here.

Gravity defying cake

Honeycomb Cake

Just grab a Woolies mud cake, iced and cover with broken choc honeycomb pieces. It can be turned into a construction cake by adding trucks and earthmoving toys, if you have them. Finishing off this post with a super easy one.

Honecomb Crunch Cake

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    Amazing talker
    August 4, 2022 at 11:12 pm

    Great rainbow cake! Thanks for sharing with us! Seems so delicious!

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