the muddy chef Children’s Book – science, maths, and art rolled into one muddy package

I’ve known Penny from Mother Natured for over a decade I think now (pic below of Penny and I from a 2018 Bloggers Brunch). We’ve both been blogging for a long time. Penny is passionate about getting kids outside in nature, and has a heaps of great resources to help parents and educators to effortlessly and naturally engage with the world around them.

Girls who do DIY

Penny recently released a beautiful children’s book together with Emma Bear. It’s called the muddy chef. Both Penny and Emma are backed by science degrees, and have worked extensively in the public sector to protect and educate people about our environment. They bring their love for educating about the beauty of nature to this picture/activity book. It’s full of beautiful photography and easy and meaningful activities kids can do with mud. It encourages children to engage deeply in creative ways in the outdoors.

Playing with mud is a feast for the senses — the earthy scent, the squelchy sounds, the goopy feeling of it oozing between you fingers. Mindfulness comes effortlessly, no meditation required.

Except from the muddy chef, p. 9

Penny is passionate about getting kids outside, but also making it easier for parents too. You just need to have a quick look around her website Mother Natured to be inspired. This is what Penny said about the book:

“It can be a struggle to get kids outside. We created the muddy chef to make it easier to get kids out in nature and give them a happier, healthier childhood. the muddy chef is science, maths, and art rolled into one muddy package.”

Penny Whitehouse

Below is a sneak peak inside the book. Perfect gift for the upcoming summer school holidays.

Buy the muddy chef on Amazon here: the muddy chef

Find Penny’s website here: Mother Natured

Find Mother Natured on Facebook / Instagram

Be inspired and make your own mud kitchen in the backyard. Find out tips in the blog post here: Make a Mud Kitchen Spot in the Back Yard.

mud kitchen

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    Cath Mitcham
    July 12, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    What a beautiful idea for a book! Thanks for sharing this. My own kids always loved making mud pies and potions. I imagine my eldest would still get involved and she’s 12 now! It’s really something that children of all ages can participate in and I’m glad that others see the learning value in this sort of play.

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    August 17, 2023 at 2:14 am


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