About Be A Fun Mum

Be A Fun Mum began in July 2009. The original Author, Kelly, started the blog because she didn’t feel she was a fun mum.

But she wanted to be.

She wanted to create a family life of value, and to provide her four children with many wonderful memories. So she started the blog as a goal. That is where the name Be A Fun Mum came from.

So what is the blog actually about?

Be A Fun Mum isn’t a craft or activity blog. It’s a blog about connection and designing family life.

Sure, there is craft and fun activity ideas. Recipes, DIY projects and stories, but that’s not the core of the blog.

The blog is largely about developing your own parenting style and having fun with it. This largely comes in stages.

It’s about being a parent.

It’s about being a parent who learns to be confident about their parenting style.

It’s about being a parent who embraces their parenting style and is able to celebrate the differences in other parents.

It’s about being a parent who embraces their parenting style, celebrates the differences in other parents, and reflecting the freedom this brings.

And where does the fun come into it? Fun comes in all shapes and forms.  What one person finds fun can be completely different than another. And that is why this blog, Be A Fun Mum, isn’t about craft or paint or collage, or birthday parties.  It’s about finding your own way to be fun with your kids.  It’s about being a fun family who does stuff, who experiences life together.

Being a fun mum isn’t an hour dedicated to paint in the backyard. It’s about creating a life of memories (which — sure — might include painting in the backyard). It’s the ability to take the time, to waste time with little ones as you watch a ladybug fly.  It’s walking arm in arm with your teen, laughing, not because of the moment but what it represents: an investment in relationship over years and years.  It’s about finding ways to connect when things aren’t all that fun.

Be a Fun Mum is an attitude, not something you do.

You’ll find this blog to more parent-centered than kid-centered. For example, the DIY Play Tablecloth Kelly made with her kids on school holidays. It was a massive hit with the kids (they were at it for hours) and it was easy to put together for the Kelly because she has learned to pick the right moments for these sorts of activities. The blog aims to bring that balance to the blog (because sometimes you’re not in the right headspace for glitter, glue, and paint!).

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Creating a happy childhood for children is like gifting them little memory anchors that can be drawn on throughout their entire life.  

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Aside from this blog, you can also find Kelly:

  • Studying at University (graduation 2020)
  • Doing marketing for Making Rainbows
  • Writing travel posts for Brisbane Kids
  • On Radio: 612 ABC Parenting Panel and 96Five
  • Featured in online and in-print media, including Pumpkin Patch, World Vision, Huggies, Talking Mums, Woman’s Day, New Idea, Mother & Baby Magazine, Coles, KleenexMums, Woolworths, Indulge eMagazine, Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail & RedBalloon
  • Advocating as a World Vision Blog Ambassador & working with other NGOs like Save the Children

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