10 Ways to Be A Fun Mum

Be a fun mum. That’s what I called my blog.  But what does it mean? Well, it’s going to be different for every person but I’m suggesting some fundamental qualities of a fun mum. Believe me, I’m not claiming to have all these qualities, especially number 6, but it’s good to have ideals to ground me in this parenting journey.

10 Ways to Be a Fun Mum

10 ways to be a fun mum

1. Be. Be true to who you are.

You don’t have to paint all day, do craft all the time or play a constant game hide and seek to be a fun mum. Sure those things are fun but I believe in the value of sharing who you are with a child and discovering ways to Live-with-a-capital-L life together. If you love sport, find ways to incorporate it into your parenting. If you love craft, create opportunities to do projects together. If you’re into science, make a point of sharing knowledge and discoveries with your child. Be who you are with your child because it’s a beautiful gift to give.

2. Be. Be brave.

Yes, stay true to who you are but also be brave enough to try new things. One of the beautiful things about being a parent is seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

3. Be. Be adventurous.

Through a child’s eyes the world is one big adventure! Allow yourself to live experience the adventure of parenting; through the highs and lows.

4. Be. Be creative.

Creativity is the key to  problem solving and longevity in the adventure of parenting. Find creative ways to live, and solve the many challenges you come across.

5. Be. Be imaginative.

Dream a little, pretend a lot, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do!

6. Be. Be patient.

Nothing happens fast with parenting. It’s a L–O–N–G term labour of love. Be patient, with the small things like teaching a child to open a drink bottle lid, and with the big things like teaching a toddler to share.

7. Be. Be firm.

Be fun and be firm. They go together you know. Be MUM, and know when to call the shots (and learn from your mistakes when you get it wrong; happens to me a lot).

8. Be. Be giving.

“Give, give and give again. And when you’re tired of giving, just give a little more.” This wisdom from my beautiful mother, who isn’t with me anymore, has stayed very close to my heart.  Be giving: it’s not about being a doormat; it’s about unconditional love.

9. Be. Be in the moment.

Moments. Don’t forget the moments in the journey of parenting. The moments are like pieces of a puzzle, together creating a beautiful masterpiece.

10. Be. Be, just a little bit crazy.

A good sense of humour goes a long, long way.  Smile. Laugh a lot.  Be a little crazy with a touch of  silly sometimes.

Be a fun mum.

It’s less about what you DO and more about how you BE.

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how to be a fun mum