“I always feel, when I’m reading one of your blogs, that you are having a personal conversation with me. I like your use of language, which is obviously very natural to who you are as a person.

You are an absolute inspiration: your get-up-and-go attitude keeps me moving on the days when it all seems too much. You come across as a very genuine woman, a fantastic mother who loves her children, but still respects herself as an individual.

I am really enjoying your My Style and have learnt a lot from your Make-up and Hair tutorials. You have such a varied array of subjects that you have covered and Be A Fun Mum is one of my most favourite places to visit.

So be encouraged, that while you are writing, even on the days where it seems like it’s just for you, you are touching, teaching, and inspiring many others out there in the big wide world of the web.

You’re awesome!” — Peta


“I have been an avid fan of Kelly’s blog for awhile now and love it. I can really relate to her articles being a mum of four also. I finally got to meet Kelly at the Connect2Mums conference last weekend; she is exciting and fun to be around just like reading her blog!  Thanks Kelly.”

— Shelly: Creator of MyColourCup


“It’s definitely worth subscribing to the site via email or RSS. Blog posts are rarely long, but when they are, they’re absolutely worth reading. I love the way Kelly mixes it up, bringing a variety of blog posts, great pics, and down-to-earth advice for other parents.”

– Susan Stephenson (The Book Chook)


“I love that you make me want to be the best mum I can be and I love that you make me feel normal, especially on the pick your battle days.”

– Nicole


“As someone without children, I’m learning a lot from your blog about how to be a good parent in the future.”

– Annette


“I love your blog, your message and the sincerity of you that shines through each and every blog.”

Sarah (Little Billies)


“I find your blog so refreshingly, real and honest.”

– Collett (Life Smart Solutions) and (The T(w)een Factor)


“The title of the blog drew me immediately, but what keeps me coming back is that Kelly has so much experience and such valuable advice but doesn’t ever act like she knows it all, or gets it all right. Just like all of us, she has tired days, or cranky days and isn’t ashamed to admit it.”

– Ash (Mm is for Me)


“She is fun, she is fashionable, she is honest and practical.  She is Be a Fun Mum.  Let Kelly Burstow share her stories of motherhood with you for a real look into raising children with a dish of Mary Poppins; a dose of Pollyanna; a dash of Willy Wonka you have yourself a very good read.”

– Ang of (Bug in a Book)