Family Tropical Island Adventure


I want to leave the world behind and take off to a tropical Island with my family. Seriously, it’s something I’ve often thought of. But then, probably most people have! It’s just a dream really. Just a dream.

Well, this dream is becoming a reality for Fi and her family. They are going to Uluwatu, Bali for six months! A six month holiday filled with all the simple goodness life has to offer: sunshine, nature, food and good times.

Meet Fi — Interview

Here are a few things you might be interested to know about Fi’s upcoming Family Tropical Island Adventure.

Kelly: You are going to Bali right? For 6 months?

Fi: Yep 6 whole wonderful months!

Kelly: When are you leaving?

Fi: March 1, 2012. We are missing Autumn and Winter in Australia.

Kelly: Are you taking school with you or are the kids having time off too?

Fi: The kids are part of the mathletic program with school so this, we will continue once a week. The children are interested in photography and trekking so we will encourage discovery with these in mind. It’s my hope to get a lot more  time to write stories (a passion of the kids) and draw.

Kelly: Are you going to be inland or on the coast?

Fi: We will be staying in Uluwatu in Bali, which has one of the best surf breaks in the world!

Fi’s Family

My family: Our family consists of 2 parents, 4 kids, 6 chickens, a rabbit and a cat. I think we are at maximum capacity!

My home: A white fence and hedges, old stone pavers — a couple of diggers and a veggie patch leading up to the front doors. You won’t knock (no one does) ­– you can hear the family inside, so follow the wooden veranda around, past the magnolia, and through the side door which says “Welcome to the chaos within!”

A noisy living room, usually full of children toys, craft in progress, homework and cooking ­- we love to bake, so imagine peanut butter cookies ­- that’s our current fave! We can’t take them to school so there is always enough for afternoon tea.

Family life: My husband and I are trying to raise our children as simply as possible. Birthdays are big; so is Christmas. There’s a lot of handmade and home baked goods, movie nights, camping and the freedom to run outdoors.

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