Here I am, standing what felt like the top of the world in Laos.  At this point, I was about half way through a 300 kilometre cycle to raise money for Save the Children projects in Laos.

Save the Children Cycle Laos

How did I come about being up there on the mountain top? I’ll be brief.

  • Save the Children organised the Cycle Laos charity event to extend the successful Primary Health Care projects in Laos.
  • P&G is a global brand making a difference to everyday life in small but meaningful ways, and in partnering with Save the Children, aim to deliver vital services for children who are at risk.
  • As a blogger who loves people, causes, travel and adventure, P&G helped me with costs of getting to Laos PLUS are my biggest fundraising sponsors for Save the Children.

Save the Children are on the ground doing the work in Laos, P&G supported me in this venture, and I told stories about it (while cycling around the country). That’s about the sum of it.

Video snapshot

This short video with a snap shot of the trip.

Starting in Luang Prabang

Starting in Luang Prabang — our team of 8 (plus our guide)

save the children cycle laos

Finishing in Vientiane

I hadn’t met any of the team before Laos — we all came from different parts of Australia.  Was wonderful experience travelling with these lovely people.

finish -- save the children cycle in laos

One Last Thing to Say

When I was pregnant with each of my four children, I expected to survive…and that my children would live. I took for granted that I would be safe.  And yet, many mothers around the world don’t have the same confidence.  That is what struck me when I visited Laos.  The exciting thing about doing this challenge is to be a small part of the change.  In Laos, the maternal death rates in the Save the Children supported areas have plummeted drastically due to the implementation of primary health initiatives.  And by doing this challenge, I trust more beautiful mothers in Laos, will have access to life saving health services I take for granted.  I can’t save the world, but I can do what I can, when I can, how I can.

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